Valentine's Day Campaigns - Round Up

Here is a quick preview of some of the Valentine's Day applications we have launched in the past to mark this special day, but you can also check out some of our other Valentine's Day resources:[…]

Sam Hunt - Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90

We recently launched a collaborative Spotify playlist campaign for UMG Nashville artist Sam Hunt.¬† The idea behind the campaign, designed to help promote Sam Hunt's single - "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's",¬† was to encourage fans to submit their favorite break-up songs to create a...[…]

Karen Elson - We'll Meet Again Video eCard

You can try out the app at¬†The dynamic video application allows users to upload one to five user photos and transform them into a video slide show that they can save or share via social media.¬† We have launched¬†several of these in the past (see list), but...[…]

Julian Lennon - Video eCard

This is another great example of dynamic video activation for client BMG, you can check out other compelling examples here: The dynamic video activation allows users to upload one to five user photos and transform them into a video slide show that...[…]

Girlfriends by Boysworld Save Competition

This is a unique "referrer" Presave to Spotify activation for Boys World that encourages and rewards fans for sharing! Check it out at: This activation, which is built on our robust Spotify presave and sweepstakes platform, leverages our short link engine and other...[…]

12 Days Of The Swon Brothers Giveaways

This is a recent "advent-style" activation we deployed for country music duo - The Swon Brothers.¬† You can check the app here at The idea behind the activation to allow fans to participate in a "12 days of Christmas" sweepstakes that allows them to enter...[…]

Virtual Booth

Check the last version of our¬†"real-time" virtual photo booth activation at¬†, ready in time for the Christmas holidays!¬† This new activation allows users to use their webcam or mobile phone camera to take and incorporate their photos in real-time...[…]

Joji Radio Request Campaign

This is our most recent Twitter radio request application for artist Joji' single "Your Man". The request campaign can be found at at Joji asked fans to tweet their favorite radio stations to request her song using this unique application. Users simply enter...[…]

Riotron's Dark Highway Instagram Filter

This is an example of a recent Instagram AR filter we developed for Symphonic artist Riotron's recent single: Dark Highway.¬† Created as part of a Halloween campaign, this filter plays of the "spooky" feel of the single's cover and video.¬† This is a good example of using an Instagram filter to...[…]


The Jacob¬†Sartorius "Over¬†U" Presave Contest ( is a great example of our new family of viral presave contest applications (for Spotify, Apple and Deezer) that encourages users to both presave and aggressively share the campaign with their friends. Unlike regular sweepstakes...[…]

Luh Kel - L.O.V.E. Predictor

We have launched a large number of successful quiz applications in the past. This is great recent example of¬†using quizes to engage fans in creative ways.¬†¬† The L.O.V.E. Predictor Quiz campaign for Cinematic Music Group artist Luh Kel asks fans to answer a series of questions and then based on...[…]

Alice Cooper - Guillotine Hangman Game

We have deigned and developed a long list of interactive online games to support artist releases (see list).  This unique and engaging online version of “hangman” was developed for Alice Cooper and leverages the “guillotine” routine from his life show – ...[…]

Instagram Filter: JAGMAC - Motivation

This is an example of a recent Instagram AR filter we developed for JAGMAC recent single: Motivation. Similar to the Instagram filter we created for Gabby B, the "Motivation" filter features a quizlet that allows fans to preview the song while they figure out what motivates them.¬† The quizlet is...[…]

Bright Path Strong - Take Action Campaign

The Bright Path Strong "Take Action" microsite is a great example of the next general of our loyalty platform in action.¬† You can check it out at: The idea behind the Loyalty Platform (see other examples) is to reward fans for performing a broad range...[…]

Tyler Farr - I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever - Dynamic Video Generator

Two new dynamic video activations for client¬†BMG are great examples of how to enable fan generated videos that users can download or share on¬†social media (see Elvie Shane #MyBoy). You can try out the app at The dynamic video application allows users to upload...[…]

Elvie Shane - #MyBoy

This is one of two¬†dynamic video activations for client¬†BMG, both of which are great examples of how to create user generated videos that fans can share on¬†social media (see Tyler Farr). You can try out the app at The dynamic video application allows users to...[…]

Instagram Filter: Gabby What is Your Temptation

This is an example of a recent Instagram AR filter we developed for Symphonic Distribution artist Gabby B's recent single: Temptation.¬† We have designed and deployed a large number of Instagram filters for music artists (see examples).¬† This particular filter features a "Quizlet" that allows...[…]

Lil Tecca - Virgo World Hotline

We recently launched another album preview hotline, similar to the one we created for Pearl Jam, that allowed fans to preview 5 songs (3 new songs, 2 previous songs) each day leading up to the Lil Tecca's release of Virgo World.  Like our phone applications, this campaign allowed callers to...[…]

Josh Turner - Crosswords Contest

Our recent activation for UMG Nashville artist Josh Turner features our crossword puzzle component, that we have used in the past in similar campaigns (See list).  You can try the application for yourself at: The activation combines a sweepstakes...[…]

Kari Jobe - #THEBLESSING Content Wall

Kari Jobe's #TheBlessing campaign is one of our many user-generated content wall activations.¬† The idea is to allow users to post their photos and personal stories or comment on a "wall", where other users can easily interact with the content.¬† You can check out the campaign at...[…]