Stephanie Quayle - "We buy Gold" Video Upload Contest

This is a recent video submission campaign for Stephanie Quayle. Fans were invited to submit a video of their wedding & proposal! Fans were able to visit a microsite and upload their videos directly, using a webcam, mobile device or from YouTube. See how it works at...[…]

Brett Young Sweepstakes

We have a new sweepstakes that just launched for Country music artist Brett Young at  This sweeps is based on a new platform we recently released that gives users points for performing multiple activations. The platform allows fans to get points by performing...[…]

Ernest - American Rust Card

Here is a recent photo booth activation for Loud artist Ernest. You can check the activation here (  Similar to the Tessa Violet Game campaign, this activation allows fans to upload their photo, enter their name and generate a "baseball card" they can share on...[…]

#WHOISMOKE Card Generator

The #WHOISMOKE microsite at is a good, yet simple example of many photo booth activations.  In the past couple of weeks, we have launched photo booths for Chris Lane, Tessa Violet, and others.  You can check out this list for other photo booth activation examples. The idea...[…]

Daddy Yankee - Problema TikTok Contest

This is an example of a new category of activations we recently developed that leverage TikTok videos and Instagram Reels along with Spotify (for login and registration) to encourage fans to create, share, watch and rate short-format videos. You can check out the activation at...[…]

Crave The Flavor 2021

We recently launched the Crave The Flavor promotion for client Wis-pak on our LoyaltyPlus Platform. You can check it out at: The idea behind the LoyaltyPlus Platform (see other examples) is to reward fans for performing a broad range of tasks. These tasks include...[…]

New Sweepstakes Platform: In Beta

We have a new sweepstakes platform that has just gone into beta.  We invite new and existing Metablocks customers to give it a try.  If you are interested in joining the beta program, contact us at: The platform allows fans to get points by performing tasks that including...[…]

Paul Anka - Mother Day Hotline

We recently launched a phone hotline and presave campaign for Primary Wave artist Paul Anka.   Designed to promote the release of Paul Anka and Olivia Newton-John's new single: Put Your Head On My Shoulder, the campaign encouraged fans to call 800-650-6442 to hear a preview of Paul's single and to...[…]

Chris Lane - Mothers Day Ecard

We recently launched a Mother's Day card "Photo Booth" for Loud artist Chris Lane.  This activation allow fans to create and send their "mama" a Mother's Day card as part of the release of Chris' new single: That's What Mamas Are For.  You can check it out at: We...[…]

Tessa Violet - Games

This is a recent campaign for artist Tessa Violet that allows fans to create their own "Game" cards inspired by her music video for her single.   Fans are able to upload their photo, enter their first and last name and pick a team and position.  Fans are then able to generate and share their...[…]

Lindsey Stirling - #LoseYouNow

Lindsey Stirling recently used one of our dynamic video campaigns to crowdsource fan photos that she was able to use to create a unique fan mosaic that she used for the single cover art of the acoustic version of her single Lose You Now.  You can check the app here at...[…]

Alissa Griffith - Pre-save on Spotify Now

This is an example of one of many presave campaigns our Presave Platforms powers for both established and emerging artists.  This presave and save campaign is one we used as part of a "follower campaign" to help an artist grow their follower base by exposing their music to new listeners in the same...[…]

Casey Baer - #HollywoodHillsSweeps

Our Presave Platform provides a flexible solution for artists and labels who want to launch presaves, sweepstakes, and contests on the same platform.  The platform allows us to quickly and cost-effectively deploy rich, customized campaigns with a comprehensive list of functionality. This...[…]

Like 1999

This is a unique campaign we developed based on a creative vision driven by UMG Canada for the Canadian group Valley's new album title "1999".  The idea of the campaign was to "re-imagine" Spotify and streaming a little over twenty years ago in circa 1999.  UMG Canada's vision was to create a...[…]

Kevvo: Spotify Top Listener Sweepstakes

This is a great example of a Spotify "Top Listener" Contest Campaign for Latin artist Kevvo's collaboration with Becky G, Arcangel and Darell.  This Spanish language campaign asks fans to activate on both Instagram and Spotify, plus provide some additional information in order to enter.   You can...[…]