Metablocks Micro Influencer Platform - Beta

For many years, we've developed and operated highly successful loyalty and influencer platforms, along with TikTok advertising solutions, primarily for sectors beyond the music industry. Recently, we've embarked on an interesting journey to adapt these platforms for the music industry. Our focus...[…]

Recent Mosaics

Our Mosaic platform is about the art of creating cool composite images by assembling the fan avatars to create an interactive mosaic. We have driven dozens of mosaic campaigns and this year we have updated the platform to support larger formats, faster refresh speeds, and more flexible options. Here...[…]

Leslie Odom Jr. - 'Heart Notes' Mosaic

This is a recent user-generated content campaign for BMG artist Leslie Odom Jr. that allows fans to share their notes of appreciation to create a collective heart emoji using our mosaic engine (see Recent Mosaics).  You can check out the campaign at Fans are...[…]

Lady A - 2023 Request Line Tour Recap

Lady A's "The Request Line Tour" kicked off with a bang, showcasing their dedication to fan involvement in a truly unique way. we built a special voice hotline for Lady A, allowing fans to call in and request their favorite songs for the tour - and event speak with members of the band. This...[…]

Charlie Burg Microsite

In the world of music and entertainment, engaging fans and creating buzz around new album launches and tours is crucial. To achieve this, artists and labels embraced the power of interactive launch websites/microsites, which offer a dynamic and immersive experience for fans. A prime example of...[…]

Postcard Boy - 'Somewhere On A Hillside' Presave Campaign

For Postcard Boy's 'Somewhere On A Hillside' album, we took a page from the "Connect on Spotify to Unlock" campaign playbook. Typically, these campaigns ask fans to connect on Spotify and follow the artist or label to unlock a single piece of exclusive content such as videos. We aimed to go beyond...[…]

Valley 'Lost in Translation' Reveal

This was a track list reveal for Valley as part of a larger launch campaign. The activation was a play on the title of the album ("Lost in Translation") were fans where given track names in a foreign language, and they then had to "translate" the track name into Englishing, without "loosing anything...[…]

Valley - 'Lost in Translation' Microsite

We recently designed a microsite for the launch of VALLEY's latest album, 'Lost in Translation.' This website features an engaging, animated list of song titles, offering fans a dynamic and interactive way to experience the album online. The the site also includes links to voice memos, song...[…]

Ghost's Halloween Hymns Quiz

We frequently engage in quiz and puzzle campaigns. Our recent quiz activation for Ghost enabled fans to engage through Spotify. Participants simply answered a set of questions, leading to the creation of a personalized playlist tailored for them. Experience this quick, interactive quiz at...[…]

The Brooke & The Bluff: Spotify Quiz Campaign

For Brook and Bluff, we posed the quiz question, 'Which of Brook and Bluff's favorite outdoor adventures is your ideal match?' The concept involved a Spotify connection, where fans engaged in an interactive quiz. Based on their responses, the system generated what we believe to be the perfect...[…]


[NEWS] CARATs! For a limited time only, you can call the SEVENTEEN CARAT-line at 855-SVT-1717 to hear special messages from us.🙌Don't forget to pre-order and pre-save FML ▶️*Limited to U.S territories only— ???(SEVENTEEN...[…]

Lady A Phone Line

The Lady A: #RequestLineTour with special guest @davebarnesmusic is coming to a city near you! Tickets go on sale Friday, April 22, but the Request Line is open now! Give us a call at 615-882-1975 and tell us what you want to hear at one of our shows ☎️[…]

Rick Astley 1M Follower Spotify Campagin

In the world of music streaming, reaching a million followers on Spotify is no small feat. It takes time, effort, and a dedicated fan base to achieve this milestone. We recently launched a digital campaign for record label BMG to help Rick Astley, the British pop singer, reach that "one million...[…]

Bing Crosby Valentine's Day eCard

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, and this year, a digital campaign for artist Bing Crosby encouraged fans to do just that. The campaign aimed to engage fans in a fun and interactive way while spreading the love for Bing Crosby's music. The campaign focused on creating and sharing...[…]

Luther Vandross Valentine's Day "Stream to Play" Retro Arcade Game

Valentine's Day is a special day to celebrate love, and this year, Luther Vandross fans had a chance to win a romantic getaway for two in New York City through a fun and interactive digital campaign. The campaign not only offered fans the chance to win a fantastic prize, but also engaged them with...[…]

Randy Houser - "Workin' Man" Video Submission Campaign

This video submission activation for Randy Houser encourages fans to submit their favorite "Workin' Man" (or woman) videos for a chance to win a Solo Stove. Video submission campaigns are a great way to engage fans to crowdsource content for music videos (or other user-generated content) or as...[…]

Louis Tomlinson #FaithInTheFuture Mosaic

We have continued to build engaging mosaic campaigns for a broad range of applications. These mosaic activations are a great way to crowdsource fan engagement and turn it into art or a picture that can be used as an album or single-cover artwork.  This is a recent mosaic campaign for BMG artist...[…]

5SOS "Stream to Play" Arcade Game (Spotify)

We recently helped integrate a set of "Stream to Play" arcade games for BMG band 5 Seconds of Summer. The idea is to force users to connect via Spotify and then have them stream the song as they play the online game. You can check out the activation at Stream...[…]