Lady A - 2023 Request Line Tour Recap

Lady A's "The Request Line Tour" kicked off with a bang, showcasing their dedication to fan involvement in a truly unique way. we built a special voice hotline for Lady A, allowing fans to call in and request their favorite songs for the tour - and event speak with members of the band. This...[…]

Lauren Jauregui - "Always Loveline" Phone Activation

This is one of two recent activations we launched for AWAL artist Lauren Jauregui (formerly of Fifth Harmony)  as part of the release of her song "Always Love". The first activation was a progressive reveal of her cover art, and the second activation allowed fans to call her "Always Loveline" and...[…]

Stray Kids Hotline and Microsite

A few days before the release of the upcoming album, Korean K-POP group Stray Kids encouraged fans to call their surprise hotline we powered in order to hear messages from members of the band. The result was millions of calls from around the world! [Stray Kids(???? ??) Love Line] The...[…]

Diplo Secret Popup Show: SMS Campaign

On March 7, EDM artist Diplo decided to surprise fans with a "secret" popup show somewhere in London.  Using text (SMS) marketing, Diplo's label, together with Diplo, released a London-based phone number (+44 7723-558347) that fans could text and subscribe to in order to get the location of the...[…]

Nicki Minaj - 'Do We Have a Problem?' PhoneLine

We recently launched a phone hotline for Republic artist Nicki Minaj to help promote her new single "Do We Have a Problem?"  The hotline (213-523-7762 or 213-523-PROB) was designed to allow fans to call Nicki with their problems.  Fans were able to leave messages and Nicki was able to respond to...[…]

Paul Anka - Mother Day Hotline

We recently launched a phone hotline and presave campaign for Primary Wave artist Paul Anka.   Designed to promote the release of Paul Anka and Olivia Newton-John's new single: Put Your Head On My Shoulder, the campaign encouraged fans to call 800-650-6442 to hear a preview of Paul's single and to...[…]

Brett Young - Phone Hotline

We have deployed a growing number of phone hotlines for music artists - these have become extremely popular in the US and the UK.  This campaign for country music artist Brett Young was used by Brett's marketing team to promote his new single - Lady.  Brett posted a photo on his socials where it...[…]

Lil Tecca - Virgo World Hotline

We recently launched another album preview hotline, similar to the one we created for Pearl Jam, that allowed fans to preview 5 songs (3 new songs, 2 previous songs) each day leading up to the Lil Tecca's release of Virgo World.  Like our phone applications, this campaign allowed callers to...[…]

James Bay

We recently launched a phone hotline campaign for Republic Records artist James Bay.  Fans who preserved his upcoming single "Chew On My Heart" were able to call the hotline to preview the song before it was released at 607-600-2439 (we also provided a UK-based number as well for his British fans...[…]

Promoting Voice, Phone and SMS Campaigns: Best Practices

Every year we power dozens of voice campaigns, some big and some small.  Here are examples of good marketing and promotional ideas used by music artists and labels to get the word out about their voice campaigns. Little Mix (#ShoutOutToMyEx) #ShoutOutToMyEx hotline was released as part of the...[…]

Pearl Jam 'Gigaton' hotline

Last week we helped launch a phone hotline for legendary rockers Pearl Jam.  The new 'Gigaton' hotline allowed fans to preview Pearl Jam's upcoming new LP ahead of its release on Friday (3/27).  Although the promotion is over, you can test out the original hotline by calling: 585-207-3276...[…]

Voice Hotline Examples, Features and Functionality

Here are some recent voice/phone hotline examples to give you some idea of what is possible: 208-273-8623: Kiana Ledé "Mad At Me" Hotline818-639-RGTS: Regrettes "How Do you Love" Hotline+44 808 281 2482: Blossom Helpline (UK)*+44 808 281 2655: Taylor Swift Can't Come to the Phone...[…]

Kiana Ledé "Mad At Me" Phone Hotline

We recently launched a phone hotline for Kiana Ledé that allowed fans to preview Kiana Ledé's "Mad at Me" and leave voicemail message for her, for a chance to have her hit them back on text! You can try it out by calling: 208-ARE-U-MAD ( 208-273-8623). Click here for more examples and info or...[…]

No Sleep Club "Mad At Me" Hotline

View this post on Instagram 📞 🌒 #howdoyousleep A post shared by How Do You Sleep (@howdoyousleep) on Jul 4, 2019 at 8:09am PDT[…]

Kfly Hotline Manage Console

We do a lot of voice and phone campaigns and many of our clients have been curious as to the functionality, analytics and other management tools offered by our voice application backends. Here is a good example (featuring sample data) that demonstrates the wealth of information, stats and control...[…]

Whatever It Takes (Imagine Dragons) hotline - (702) 800-2422

We power a lot of phone hotline campaigns.  The trend has been for music artist to "plant" a phone number within their music videos (or sometimes at the end of a music video) and then have a cool interactive phone activation when fans call the hotline.  Usually the phone number is subtly...[…]

Talk to Girli

English artist Girli did a great job of promoting her phone hotline. Her marketing included a call to action video ( that she shared on her social media that asked fans to call her hotline to leave a message asking for confidential life advice! As part of the campaign...[…]

Jencarlos Canela Hotline: 305-363-6634

We have been powering a new trend in music videos that we internally termed "The Call Me". The idea is the artist includes a Phone Hotline (toll-free or landline) that allows fans to interactive and respond.  This trend obviously makes the most sense with songs that strong call to action that...[…]