5SOS "Stream to Play" Arcade Game (Spotify)

We recently helped integrate a set of "Stream to Play" arcade games for BMG band 5 Seconds of Summer. The idea is to force users to connect via Spotify and then have them stream the song as they play the online game. You can check out the activation at https://arcade.5sos.com/game/

Stream to Play:
The game engine is unique in that users have to stream the track while playing the game, and as a result, it is a  very effective way to drive streams.  The caveat however is that users need to connect and log in via Spotify first, since only that is the game apple to stream the entire track (and have it count towards total streaming numbers).

Submission and High Score Integration:
The game also supported the ability to save scores (including high scores) and our integration has the ability support leaderboard displays.


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