The Gray Havens "Wide Awake" Giveaway

We have a new sweepstakes that just launched for The Gray Havens at This sweeps is based on a new platform we recently released that gives users points for performing multiple activations. The platform allows fans to get points by performing tasks that...[…]

Alissa Griffith - Pre-save on Spotify Now

This is an example of one of many presave campaigns our Presave Platforms powers for both established and emerging artists.  This presave and save campaign is one we used as part of a "follower campaign" to help an artist grow their follower base by exposing their music to new listeners in the same...[…]

Casey Baer - #HollywoodHillsSweeps

Our Presave Platform provides a flexible solution for artists and labels who want to launch presaves, sweepstakes, and contests on the same platform.  The platform allows us to quickly and cost-effectively deploy rich, customized campaigns with a comprehensive list of functionality. This...[…]

Kevvo: Spotify Top Listener Sweepstakes

This is a great example of a Spotify "Top Listener" Contest Campaign for Latin artist Kevvo's collaboration with Becky G, Arcangel and Darell.  This Spanish language campaign asks fans to activate on both Instagram and Spotify, plus provide some additional information in order to enter.   You can...[…]

Aoki - Spotify Presave Contest

This is another example of our unique "referrer" Presave to Spotify contesting activation for Steve Aoki that encourages and rewards fans for sharing! Check it out at: This activation, which is built on our robust Spotify presave and sweepstakes...[…]


The Jacob Sartorius "Over U" Presave Contest ( is a great example of our new family of viral presave contest applications (for Spotify, Apple and Deezer) that encourages users to both presave and aggressively share the campaign with their friends. Unlike regular sweepstakes...[…]

Wallows - Top Tracks Voting Campaign

We recently launched a cool voting application for the band Wallows that allowed fans to rank their favorite songs. You can check out the campaign here. Fans are able to select or search for a song from the dropdown and continue selecting as many or as few songs as they want (with a maximum of...[…]

James Bay

We recently launched a phone hotline campaign for Republic Records artist James Bay.  Fans who preserved his upcoming single "Chew On My Heart" were able to call the hotline to preview the song before it was released at 607-600-2439 (we also provided a UK-based number as well for his British fans...[…]

Lucybell: Share the Spotify Presave Competition

This campaign for Lucybell is a Spanish-language example of our popular "Share Presave and Enter to Win" category of activations.  The idea behind these is simple - encourage users to both presave, and then share the presave with friends.  Each user receives a unique link that servers as a...[…]

Promoting Spotify Playlists: The Presave Platform

Our Presave and Sweepstakes Platform is designed to help music labels and managers quickly and efficiently promote artists, releases and playlists using the platform's flexible, scalable and advanced features.  One popular use of the platform is to promote and grow a label's internal Spotify or...[…]

#PicturesOfYou mosaic

In the past we have powered many engaging mosaic campaigns for broad range of artists and brands. These mosaic activations are a great way to crowdsource fan engagement and turn it into art or a picture that can be used as album or single cover artwork, sold as posters and merch or given away as...[…]

Lil Pump & Anuel AA - 'Illuminati'

We recently launched a Spotify connect campaign to promote Lil Pump & Anuel AA's Illuminati! The campaign allowed fans to connect in order to get access to an exclusive Instagram AR filter promoting the project.  You can checkout the app at...[…]

LionBabe -'Around the World at Home Virtual Home Tour' App

We launched what we think is one of the best Covid-19 related marketing ideas for client Vydia.  The concept behind the campaign was to launch an "Around the World at Home" virtual tour in partnership with select venues around the the world.  The duo, LION BABE, would go live on each of the...[…]

Spotify Presaves & Sweepstakes Platform

Our Presave and sweepstakes platform, designed to enable music labels and managers to effectively launch and manage multiple presave campaigns quickly and effectively, has built-in support for Spotify, Deezer and Apple. Additionally the platform supports sweepstakes and other interactive...[…]

Spotify Management Platform

Here is a preview of our internal Spotify real-time reporting and management platform. Real-Time Spotify Streaming Data:The platform has real-time streaming data as well as historic data (for comparison) on all your tracks. This dashboard provides streams, saves, popularity as well as...[…]

Ultra Drive Spotify Sweepstakes

Our Presave and sweepstakes platform, designed to enable labels to effectively launch and manage multiple presave campaigns quickly and effectively, has built-in support for Spotify, Deezer and Apple. Additionally the platform supports sweepstakes and other interactive campaigns in addition to...[…]

John King "Stream to Win" Spotify Campaign

Our flexible Spotify presave and sweepstakes platform allows music labels and artist to launch a broad range of compelling Spotify campaigns and activations. One popular sweepstakes format is a "Stream and Enter to Win" campaign were fans receive an entry each time they stream the song (the...[…]

Spotify Playlist Sweepstakes

This is a good example of some of the sweepstakes campaigns that can bee used to grow Spotify or Deezer playlists. The idea is to encourage users to connect on Spotify and follow one or more playlist as part of the entry process. You can check out the sweepstakes at...[…]

How to Embed Spotify Presave Buttons in you Webpage

Spotify Presave Buttons can be embedded directly in webpages and can be easily transformed in a Save button once the new music is released. To host a Spotify Presave/Save button on your webpage, you need to provide us the following information: Artist Name Artist or Artists Spotify...[…]

Cheat Codes Puzzle and Spotify Leaderboard

This is a recent campaign that combines a Spotify-driven leaderboard with a HTML5 game puzzle we developed for client 300 Entertainment. The idea was to encourage fans to put the cover for the duo's current single "Together" again. We also created a unique Spotify "Autoplay" feature to give fans...[…]