City Girls - Good Love "Stream to Play" Sweeps and Leaderboard

This is another great example of a "Stream to Play" game we helped integrate on the Spotify platform.  The idea behind these games is simple - Fans connected on Spotify and stream the song while they play the game! The only way to play the game (and enter for a chance to win) is to stream the song on Spotify.  Our Spotify, enter and leaderboard integration allow users to connect on Spotify (so they can stream the song and have it 'count'), save their entry information (email, name, DOB) and score (so they can be entered in the sweepstakes) and provide a leaderboard experience to encourage them to keep playing (and streaming).  You can check out this game for the City Girls (Good Love) here:

Connect on Spotify:
Users who want to play the game, have to connect via Spotify.

Stream and Play:
The game is enabled as soon as users start to stream the song.

Sweepstakes Entry and Leaderboard:
Once they play the "Grabber Game", users are able to save their score (which also adds them to the leaderboard) and also view the leaderboard or play again.

Mobile Version:
As always, this is fine-tuned for mobile devices.

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