Crave the Flavor: Enter Codes for a Chance to Win

For the past few years, we have powered promotional campaigns for Wis-Pak's Vit Ice that allowed fans to redeem serial codes ("cap-codes" found under the bottle caps) for real-world prizes - as well as enter to win the grand prize.   This year's campaign site at allowed fans to enter their "cap-codes" to get points as well as perform various social media tasks to get additional points. These tasks included liking the brand's page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, referring friends, and signing up for email and mobile updates.  This is a great example of an activation built on our popular LoyaltyPro platform.

Redeeming Prizes:
Once users had accumulated enough points, they were able to redeem them for a broad range of prizes.  The platform allowed users to choose prizes and check out.  The site even provided tracking information on their orders, plus a comprehensive backend that allowed our client to manage and monitor all activity on the platform.

Mobile Version:
The promotional site was accessible via mobile and optimized for users accessing it on mobile devices.

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