Recent Mosaics

Our Mosaic platform is about the art of creating cool composite images by assembling the fan avatars to create an interactive mosaic. We have driven dozens of mosaic campaigns and this year we have updated the platform to support larger formats, faster refresh speeds, and more flexible options. Here...[…]

Leslie Odom Jr. - 'Heart Notes' Mosaic

This is a recent user-generated content campaign for BMG artist Leslie Odom Jr. that allows fans to share their notes of appreciation to create a collective heart emoji using our mosaic engine (see Recent Mosaics).  You can check out the campaign at Fans are...[…]

Louis Tomlinson #FaithInTheFuture Mosaic

We have continued to build engaging mosaic campaigns for a broad range of applications. These mosaic activations are a great way to crowdsource fan engagement and turn it into art or a picture that can be used as an album or single-cover artwork.  This is a recent mosaic campaign for BMG artist...[…]

Nickelback "Those Days" Photo Submission Mosaic

This is a recent fan-sourced mosaic we powered for BMG group NickelBack.  The campaign asked fans to submit their "Those Days" nostalgic photos for a chance to have them featured in "fan art".   The idea was to surprise fans on the day of the Get Rollin album release with a fan-sourced mosaic...[…]

Lindsey Stirling - #LoseYouNow

Lindsey Stirling recently used one of our dynamic video campaigns to crowdsource fan photos that she was able to use to create a unique fan mosaic that she used for the single cover art of the acoustic version of her single Lose You Now.  You can check the app here at...[…]

#PicturesOfYou mosaic

In the past we have powered many engaging mosaic campaigns for broad range of artists and brands. These mosaic activations are a great way to crowdsource fan engagement and turn it into art or a picture that can be used as album or single cover artwork, sold as posters and merch or given away as...[…]

Melissa Eldridge M.E. Mosaic CD Cover

Some time ago we powered a unique album cover project for music artist Melissa Eldridge that involved generated a mosaic CD cover crowdsourced by Melissa's biggest fans. The project involved collecting, moderating and processing the photos, hosting a poster microsite (that allowed fans to find...[…]

Kirk Franklin #LosingMyReligion Poster

We do a growing number of large format mosaic projects. These involve collecting or crowd sourcing fan avatars from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or via direct upload and turning into a fun engaging mosaic poster that are used as prizes, sold as part of merch packages, used as CD cover artwork or...[…]

Twitter Mosaic Activations

Twitter Mosaics Twitter mosaics allow you to create interactive, dynamic mosaics using the avatars of Twitter users (or Instagram users).  Other digital mosaic options include digital uploads, Twitter hashtag search, Instagram Search, YouTube feeds, and even custom image sources.  These digital...[…]

Application Spotlight: We Love Disney Music #WeLoveDisney Mosaic

Our first app for We Love Disney Music in 2016 is a mosaic and sweepstakes! Fans can tweet "Disney Love" this Valentine's Day for a chance to win a box set and signed sheet music. After connecting on Twitter, fans will be added to the mosaic. To complete their entry for a chance to win, fans must...[…]

Application Spotlight: Cole Swindell #YouShouldBeHere Mosaic

Our latest splash page is a mosaic for Cole Swindell. Fans can tag #YouShouldBeHere to join the mosaic. Fans can roll over and click on the four corner buttons to reveal links, share the app, and play the music video. You can check it out here: Main page Fans...[…]

Application Spotlight: Babyface #ReturnOfTheTenderLover Mosaic

Our latest mosaic is a profile picture mosaic for Babyface. Fans can connect and share the app on Twitter to join the mosaic. After connecting and tweeting, fans' profile pictures are added to the mosaic. After connecting, fans can share the mosaic on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You...[…]