Jencarlos Canela Hotline: 305-363-6634

We have been powering a new trend in music videos that we internally termed "The Call Me". The idea is the artist includes a Phone Hotline (toll-free or landline) that allows fans to interactive and respond.  This trend obviously makes the most sense with songs that strong call to action that involves a phone or texting, but that's not a requirement (See SchoolboyQ's Phone Hotline).

In this video for the song "Pa Que Me Invitan" for Capitol Latin artist Jencarlos Canela, Jencarlos is called to crash a party! When fans call his hotline (305-363-6634) featured at the end of the video, they are invited to leave their party information for chance to have the artist crash THEIR party, very innovative indeed and highly engaging. You can watch the video here.







Music Video: Pa Que Me Invitan ft. Charly Black

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