Whatever It Takes (Imagine Dragons) hotline - (702) 800-2422

We power a lot of phone hotline campaigns.  The trend has been for music artist to "plant" a phone number within their music videos (or sometimes at the end of a music video) and then have a cool interactive phone activation when fans call the hotline.  Usually the phone number is subtly 'hidden' within the video, like on the book of matches in this popular Image Dragons video. Other times it is more prominently featured on the album cover (K.Flay Hotline) or as a call to action at the end of the video (Jencarlos Canela Hotline).

The Imagine Dragons featured one of our hotlines (702-800-2422) in their recent video for Whatever It Takes, the hotline was also promoted here. Here are some stills from the video featuring the hotline.

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