The Brooke & The Bluff: Spotify Quiz Campaign

For Brook and Bluff, we posed the quiz question, 'Which of Brook and Bluff's favorite outdoor adventures is your ideal match?' The concept involved a Spotify connection, where fans engaged in an interactive quiz. Based on their responses, the system generated what we believe to be the perfect playlist tailored specifically for each fan. You an take the quiz at

Quiz and puzzle activations are a common type of engagement in our campaigns. In this case, users were guided through a series of quiz questions, each designed to delve deeper into their personal preferences. This interactive process not only enhanced user engagement but also ensured that the resulting playlist was a reflection of each fan's unique personality and preferences.

At the quiz's conclusion, we generated custom playlists for each user, complete with unique artwork. These playlists were not only saved to the users' Spotify libraries but were also designed to be easily shareable.

Mobile version
Like our previous projects, this campaign was fully mobile-optimized, guaranteeing an efficient and user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets

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