Promoting Spotify Playlists: The Presave Platform

Our Presave and Sweepstakes Platform is designed to help music labels and managers quickly and efficiently promote artists, releases and playlists using the platform's flexible, scalable and advanced features.  One popular use of the platform is to promote and grow a label's internal Spotify or Deezer playlist catalog. The can be done a number of different ways. Some of our clients silently (and effectively) grow their playlists by pairing them up with individual presave campaigns (so each time a user presaves a release, they also following a playlist).  This is particularly effective if you deploy a large number of presave campaigns on a regular basis using our platform.  Another way is to launch campaigns focused specifically on an individual playlists or a family of playlists.  You can check out some examples by visiting our Spotify Playlist Campaign gallery.

Here are some good examples of these types of playlist campaigns. The idea behind the campaign is to encourage users to connect on Spotify (or Deezer) and follow one or more playlists as part of the entry process.

Trust'D "New to Know" Playlist Campaign
This campaign encouraged fans to follow the label's "New to Know" playlist  by allowing them to enter a sweepstakes when they connected on Spotify and followed both the playlist and the label.

Using our "incremental investment" approach to marketing, after users connected they were given 5 more opportunities to enter the sweepstakes. Three involved following additional playlists and two involved sharing on social media. The "incremental investment" model tries to get a small amount of value from users first, but then continues to incrementally ask for more investment.  By getting users to make an initial "small" investment in the process, we found that they are more likely to continue "investing" to protect or build upon their initial small investment. You can visit the campaign here.


Ultra Records "Ultra Drive" Playlist Campaign
This campaign from EDM label Ultra Records aimed to grow their "Ultra Drive" playlist by giving users the chance to win tickets in exchange for connecting on Spotify and following the label's playlist.  The success of this and other campaigns clearly lines up with our "More Incentive" principle - a principle we try and religiously share with all our clients and can be summarized as: NO incentive, NO action, LITTLE incentive, LITTLE action, MORE incentive, MORE action! It sounds logical but is missed by many.  It is important for music marketers to understand the difference between a "utility" (a presave, for example, that allows you to save a song before its out - hence a utility) and a "promotional campaign" (an activation that rewards you or promises a potential reward for some action that has marketing value - like sweepstakes or contests for example). You can read more about the campaign here.


unClassifed Christmas Playlist Campaign
Giving fans the illusion of "choice" is a convenient marketing technique to encourage participation and lower any inhibition to entry.   Users are conditioned that choice is GOOD, and one size doesn't fit them all.  Campaigns that leverage this component tend to outperform those the don't.  There is VALUE in choice (so its not entirely an illusion), especially when the choice is meaningful - for example offering users the choice of different genres of playlists is useful and valuable. Giving users the choice to follow one or more playlist is valuable (allows them to determine their own level of investment - which gives them a better sense of CONTROL.  So choice DOES give users a sense of control and leads to better performing campaigns. You can checkout the campaign here.

You can checkout our Spotify Playlist Campaign gallery for other good examples of successful playlist campaigns.  These types of activations can very quickly be setup and launched cost-effectively on our platform.

All playlist campaigns has access to the same types of features and functionality discussed here including support for multiple entries, voting and sharing support, tracking and leaderboards and obviously mobile-first support.

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