Harry Styles #GillsSushi Photo Booth

After the release of Harry Styles' "Sushi Restaurant" music video on Oct. 27, 2022, we had the privilege of a web-based version of Gill's Sushi Photo Booth! Fans who visited the Gill's Sushi microsite were able to commemorate their experience by uploading their photos and creating a "Booth Photo...[…]

Ernest - American Rust Card

Here is a recent photo booth activation for Loud artist Ernest. You can check the activation here (  Similar to the Tessa Violet Game campaign, this activation allows fans to upload their photo, enter their name and generate a "baseball card" they can share on...[…]

#WHOISMOKE Card Generator

The #WHOISMOKE microsite at is a good, yet simple example of many photo booth activations.  In the past couple of weeks, we have launched photo booths for Chris Lane, Tessa Violet, and others.  You can check out this list for other photo booth activation examples. The idea...[…]

Tessa Violet - Games

This is a recent campaign for artist Tessa Violet that allows fans to create their own "Game" cards inspired by her music video for her single.   Fans are able to upload their photo, enter their first and last name and pick a team and position.  Fans are then able to generate and share their...[…]

Kyle - Upload Your Photo to Get Famous

This is a recent photo booth application we created for Atlantic artist Kyle to promote his new album "See You When I Am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!".  The idea is to allow fans to upload a photo to replace Kyle's in the album cover artwork. You can check the app here...[…]

Hollywood Undead Photo Booth

We have built and powered a lot of photo booth applications on our platform. This one for BMG's Hollywood Undead allows fans to upload their photo and select their favorite Hollywood Undead mask to create and share their custom #HollywoodUndeadV creations. Check out the interactive campaign at...[…]

Miley Cyrus - "Younger Now" Photo Booth

This is one of our many photo booth applications for Sony Music Entertainment artist Miley Cyrus.  To help promote her upcoming album (and current single) Younger Now, the Younger Now photo booth allows fans to upload their old photos in order to create and share their #YoungerNowChallenge...[…]

Bobby Bones Fathers Day App

Father's and Mother's Day are both popular seasons for photo booths, e-cards and meme generators.  This year is no exception - we powered a record number of both Mother's Day and Father's Day social media activations.  You can check out the booth booth at...[…]

Application Spotlight: St. Lucia #HelpMeRunAway Meme Generator

Our #HelpMeRunAway meme generator for Sony Artist St. Lucia allows fans to upload their photos and create their own memes that they can then share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest), email, SMS and obvious directly download. You can check out the application here...[…]

Snakehips #AllMyFriendsAreWasted Meme Generator

Meme generators are a great way to connect with fans, and our latest is for Snakehips. Fans can upload their photos to create and share their #AllMyFriendsAreWasted meme. Fans must first enter text, and can then upload their photo. After uploading, fans must crop their photo, and then choose their...[…]

2 Chainz x Lil Wayne #Collegrove Photo Booth

Our latest photo booth is for 2 Chainz x Lil Wayne. Fans can upload their photo and put Lil Wayne's tattoos on their face to create their #Collegrove photo. Fans can choose from a full face tattoo or individual tattoos. Fans can rotate, resize, and edit their photos and add assets from the menu...[…]

Jack Üp Your Pic Photo Booth

Metablocks proudly announces our first app for Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo), the Jack Üp Your Pic Photo Booth - designed as a humble replacement for the Urturn app of the same theme. A great example of branding, the Jack Ü app incorporates elements from the Jack Ü official website and music video...[…]

Taylor Swift #1989 Photo Booth

Our latest app for Taylor Swift is the #1989 Photo Booth! Fans can upload their photos and then save them as 1989 album art. This is added to our list of other recent Taylor Swift promotions, including the 1989ers Sweepstakes. What's so unique about this photo booth is it features a Polaroid...[…]