Jack Üp Your Pic Photo Booth

Metablocks proudly announces our first app for Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo), the Jack Üp Your Pic Photo Booth - designed as a humble replacement for the Urturn app of the same theme. A great example of branding, the Jack Ü app incorporates elements from the Jack Ü official website and music video for "Take Ü There". Friends can upload their photos to jack them üp with assets from the "Take Ü There" music video, Skrillex glasses, the Diplo dinosaur, and more. After saving their Jacked Üp photos to the gallery, friends can share their photos on social media. You can Jack Üp your photo here: http://www.tweematic.com/jacku/

Jack Ü is a side project consisting of EDM kings Skrillex and Diplo. Their first album, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, is available now. Metablocks is proud to be a part of the EDM indie scene and involved with these amazing artists for the first time!

Main page
Friends can Jack Üp their photos and view the gallery


Photo booth page
Friends can upload their photos and add stickers


Share page
After saving, friends can share their photo on social media


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