Tessa Violet - Games

This is a recent campaign for artist Tessa Violet that allows fans to create their own "Game" cards inspired by her music video for her single.   Fans are able to upload their photo, enter their first and last name and pick a team and position.  Fans are then able to generate and share their custom "Game" card.  We have powered other similar campaign in the past using our many photo booth and meme generating engines - see: http://news.metablocks.com/lists/327-9855665232 and http://news.metablocks.com/lists/82-5456567855

You can check the campaign here at http://www.tweematic.com/games. Also, visit Tessa's Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/tessaviolet) to see the phenomenal job she did in promoting the user-generated content.

After generating their "Game" cards, fans were able to download them or share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email.

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