Max Frost Spotify Sweepstakes Campaign

This campaign for Atlantic artist Max Frost allows fans to connect on Spotify (and follow Max Frost) for a chance to win a "Good Morning" mug. You can check out the activation at Mobile version[…]

Featured Presave on Spotify Campaigns (March 2018)

This is a quick summary of recent Presave to Spotify campaigns. NERVO, Colour Castle and Cr2 Allstars - Miami 2018 Drik Barbosa - Espelho relatable - Alone Like This Bob Schneider - Making It Up Natalie Stovall - Making Out In Cars Forest Fire Gospel Choir - Oh...[…]

Fifth Harmony 7/27 Twitter/Spotify Listening Party

Online listening parties have always been a popular fan activation for music artist launching new albums or EPs. This particular version for Fifth Harmony combines combines the best of Twitter and Spotify to create a listening party microsite. The idea is that the artists communicates with fans...[…]

Houston Rodeo Volunteer Wall

We recently launched a second "Photo Wall" (content wall) application for client Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to help celebrate their impressive volunteer program. Volunteers are able to upload their photo and their story at The idea behind the user...[…]

LP Video Reveal: Connect on Spotify to Unlock - Part 2

We do a lot of "Connect to Unlock" and "Share to Unlock" campaigns.  These campaigns are usually require fans to either connect on Spotify (and follow the artist) or Share a post on Facebook in order to unlock exclusive content such as a music video. This unlocking application for BMG artist LP...[…]

Jason Aldean They Don't Know Tour Spotify Playlist Generator

The Spotify Road Trip Playlist Generator is a true Metablocks original. We have launched this type of campaign for Pentatonix (as part of their Christmas Village campaign), Cage The Elephant, Spring Fling 2016 and other artist campaigns.  The idea is to allow fans to generate a playlist for a...[…]

Adam Doleac Spotify Sweepstakes

This is a recent Spotify sweepstakes we deployed for 287 Entertainment music artist Adam Doleac. The campaign located at allowed fans to connect on Spotify (follow Adam and his official playlist) and be entered for a chance to win a Hero5 GoPro. Fans...[…]

Dean Brody Spotify Streaming Sweeps

Our new service line of "Stream on Spotify to Enter" sweepstakes are a great way to drive Spotify streams and engage fans.  This one for RGK Entertainment Group artist Dean Brody rewards fans for streaming his new single "Beautify Freakshow". Each stream is an entry in the sweepstakes and fans with...[…]

Spotify Codes - Widget Platform Support and Examples

A couple of weeks ago we talked about our Spotify Codes beta activity, and more recently we have taken some of that success and started integrating into our projects and platforms.  Our widget platform how comes with built in support for Spotify codes, so you can directly add them to your...[…]

The Doors - 50 Years Anniversary Spotify Activation

This is a recent activation we developed to celebrate the Doors 50th anniversary that allows fans to connect on Spotify and be added to the #LightMyFire interactive globe. You can check out the applications at Here is a video of the rotating interactive...[…]

Punk Goes Pop "Connect on Spotify to Unlock" Video Reveal

This is another "Connect on Spotify to Unlock" campaign were fans are asked to connect on Spotify (and to follow the artist or label) in order to unlock exclusive video content. Once users activate and connect on Spotify, they are then able to view the exclusive video. Mobile All of...[…]

Prince Royce Spotify 'Five' Spotify Stream to Enter Sweeps

This is a recent Spotify-driven "Stream to Enter" sweeps for Sony Music Spain.   This localized campaign allows Prince Royce fans to enter a sweepstakes by streaming a song a song.  You can check it out here Fans also automatically follow Price Royce on Spotify...[…]

James Arthur Spotify Sweeps

This is a recent Spotify-driven Stream to Enter Sweeps for Sony Music Spain. This localized campaign allows James Arthur's fans to enter a sweepstakes by streaming a song on Spotify. You can check it out here Fans also automatically follow James Arthur on Spotify...[…]

Jason Aldean Jacksonville Flyaway Sweepstakes

This is another Spotify activation we recently launched in partnership with BBR, Maverick and Live Nation for country music artist Jason Aldean.  We build more Spotify activation than any other company in the music space that include Spotify Pre-save Campaigns, "Stream to Enter" Sweeps and...[…]

Brad Paisley Hostess Sweeps

This summer Brad Paisley has partnered with Hostess, the brand behind those delicious Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs and other classic treats, to bring fans a sweepstakes that includes a flyway to the CMA awards, plus the ability to unlock an exclusive summer playlist from Brad! Check it out at...[…]

The Underachievers - "Renaissance"

Here is another recent presave campaign for the new album "Renaissance" from The Underachievers. This post show how our team works with partners to optimize the overall layout of our presave campaigns based on user behavior. Here are some of the design notes on the optimized...[…]

Major and the Monbacks Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

Here is a recent Pre-save to Spotify campaign for "Moonlight Anthems" from Major and the Monbacks at Like with most of our pre-save campaigns, this one allows fans to connect on Spotify in order the follow the artist and add the album to their Spotify library...[…]

Andrew Rayel Spotify Pre-save Campaign

Recent Presave to Spotify campaign for European DJ Andrew Rayel at Fans are able to connect on Spotify to follow the artist and pre-save the upcoming album to Spotify.  This particular pre-save campaign gives users the option to create or select an...[…]

Lowercase Noises Pre-Save for Spotify

The latest addition to our growing inventory of Spotify applications is our Pre-Save for Spotify Platform. This is a recent campaign for the new album "The Swiss Illness" from Lowercase Noise. You can try out the Pre-save to Spotify experience at As is...[…]

New Kids On The Block Spotify Sweeps

This is a Spotify sweepstakes campaign we recently launched for Kobalt Music artist New Kids on the Block.  The application at allows fans to connect on Spotify (similar functionality to our Presave to Spotify platform) in order to enter the promotion.  The idea...[…]