#PicturesOfYou mosaic

In the past we have powered many engaging mosaic campaigns for broad range of artists and brands. These mosaic activations are a great way to crowdsource fan engagement and turn it into art or a picture that can be used as album or single cover artwork, sold as posters and merch or given away as prizes.  More complicate campaigns have allowed users to tag themselves in interactive online versions of the mosaic.  You can find out more about our mosaic campaigns from the following lists/examples:

We recently launched a unique Spotify-powered mosaic campaign for the band PREP! You can check the campaign here

The activation allows fans to connect via Spotify (and follow the artist, plus add the single to their Spotify library), and then use their Spotify avatar as their photo or upload a new photo directly.


Mobile Support:
Like all of our other campaigns, mobile support is key and all of our new mosaic campaigns are fully responsive.

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