Spotify Presaves & Sweepstakes Platform

Our Presave and sweepstakes platform, designed to enable music labels and managers to effectively launch and manage multiple presave campaigns quickly and effectively, has built-in support for Spotify, Deezer and Apple. Additionally the platform supports sweepstakes and other interactive campaigns in addition to presaves.

This campaign for Ultra Records encourages fans to follow a playlist in order to enter a sweepstakes, you can check it out at

Our Spotify Presave and Sweepstakes engine allows us to quickly and cost-effective deploy both simple and complex campaigns that all fans to perform any number of Spotify activations in order to participate. These include:

  • Ability to follow one or more artists
  • Ability to follow one or more playlists
  • Ability to follow one or more users (labels)
  • Ability to save singles or albums to user's library
  • Ability to save singles or albums to a existing or new playlist
  • Ability to get user email and location (with permission)

Mobile version
The platform is fully responsive and optimized to work on a range of popular mobile devices including iPhone and Android devices.

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