Houston Rodeo Volunteer Wall

We recently launched a second "Photo Wall" (content wall) application for client Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to help celebrate their impressive volunteer program. Volunteers are able to upload their photo and their story at http://volunteers.rodeohouston.com/.

The idea behind the user generated content wall is simple: celebrate membership around a cause by allowing fans to upload their photos and stories and share them on a community board.  You can other examples of this concept here: http://news.metablocks.com/lists/40-1253434556

In order to join the content wall, users are asked to submit their story and photo. The first part of the process involves gathering some basic information.

Once the basic information has been collected, users are able to enter their story and upload their photo.

A confirmation message informs the user that their entry was received and their photo and their story will be featured in the onsite gallery.

Mobile version

All of our projects are responsive and optimized to work on a range of popular mobile devices including iPhone and Android devices.

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