Bing Crosby Valentine's Day eCard

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love, and this year, a digital campaign for artist Bing Crosby encouraged fans to do just that. The campaign aimed to engage fans in a fun and interactive way while spreading the love for Bing Crosby's music.

The campaign focused on creating and sharing Valentine's Day e-cards featuring Bing Crosby's music and imagery. Fans were encouraged to visit the Bing Crosby website, where they could access a variety of Valentine's Day e-card templates. Each template included an image of Bing Crosby and a famous line from one of his romantic songs.

Once fans selected their favorite e-card template, they could customize it with their own message and share it with friends and family via email or social media. The Valentine's Day e-card campaign was a fun and creative way for fans to celebrate the holiday and show their love for Bing Crosby's music. It provided a unique and interactive way to engage with fans and promote Crosby's music to a wider audience. The e-card campaign was also a great example of how digital campaigns can leverage the power of social media and user-generated content to create a viral campaign that engages fans and spreads brand awareness.

You can check out the campaign at

Multiple Card Templates
The campaign featured multiple templates that fans could choose from and share.

Sharing on Social Media
After creating their e-card, fans were then able to share the card via email or on their social media channels.

Mobile version
All of our campaigns are optimized for mobile devices.

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