12 Days Of The Swon Brothers Giveaways

This is a recent "advent-style" activation we deployed for country music duo - The Swon Brothers.  You can check the app here at The idea behind the activation to allow fans to participate in a "12 days of Christmas" sweepstakes that allows them to enter...[…]

Virtual Booth

Check the last version of our "real-time" virtual photo booth activation at, ready in time for the Christmas holidays!  This new activation allows users to use their webcam or mobile phone camera to take and incorporate their photos in real-time...[…]

Bright Path Strong - Petition App

We recently launched a petition campaign for client MTO. The idea was to create a site that allowed users to petition the Olympic Committee (IOC) to reinstate Nation American Olympian as the sole winner of this event in the 1912 Olympics.  You can check out the microsite at...[…]

Hype Or Die: Presave Competition + Donate to Download

We recently launched another good example of our Spotify Presave "Sharing Engine".  The idea is the courage fans to share a presave or save campaign by creating a competition that rewards the fans that share the most!  This is very similar to the Gareth Emery campaign (The Lasers) we launched a...[…]

Join the photo with Harry Styles

We recently launched a unique photo booth (#WatermelonSugar) for Sony Music artist Harry Styles (formerly of One Direction). Using our flexible and scalable photo booth platform, this unique implementation allowed fans to upload multiple photos of themselves or friends into a postcard featuring...[…]

Picture This - Troublemaker Hotline

Irish alternative pop band Picture This just announced their Troublemaker Hotline at  (904) TRB-LMKR (or 904-872-5657). Given the band's origins, the hotline is also available locally in Ireland at +353 1 436 2479, except the Irish version, running on the same Metablocks platform, has a British...[…]

THE LASERS by Gareth Emery Pre-save Competition

This is a unique "referrer" Presave to Spotify activation for EDM artist Gareth Emery that encourages and rewards fans for sharing! Check it out at: This activation, which is built on our robust Spotify presave and sweepstakes platform, leverages our short link engine and...[…]

Liam Payne #HomeWithYou Hotline

Happy Tuesday everyone!📞Call 📞+44 800 808-LIAM (UK)+1 (850) 888-LIAM (ROW)And listen to a snippet of #HomeWithYou from @LiamPayne highly anticipated EP #LPFirstTime out this Friday 24.8.18— The Daily Payne (@realdailypayne) August 21, 2018   View this post...[…]

AEG Go Green 2020

We recently launched a microsite for AEG as part of Earth Month 2020 at The microsite is part of AEG's 1Earth initiative and encourages users to learn how they can help create a better future.  The site features a plastic footprint calculator, video sharing activation...[…]

Bookmarking Platform

The Metablocks Bookmarking platform is designed to help labels and other business better organize and share important information and web-based resources.  The platform allows users to create as many bookmarking projects as necessary. Each project is represented by a page. A page can contain any...[…]

Crave the Color 2019 - Loyalty Program

This is a recent loyalty campaign we launched for Klarbrunn Vita ICE. It is similar to other campaigns we have done for Vita ICE in the past (Summer Giveaway, Jake Owens Sweepstakes). Metablocks generated over 4 million unique codes that printed on Vice ICE bottle caps. Customers who purchase...[…]

Chris Jobe Stream to Win Campaign

We power a lot of "Stream to Win" Spotify applications for music labels and artist management. A good example of one of these can be found at: The idea is using our Spotify sweepstakes platform to encourage fans to stream a new single in order to...[…]

Primary Wave Spotify Playlist Submission Hub

Our world-class 2Playlist Platform provides tools and services aimed at corporate and individual Spotify playlist curators. Our line of "Curator Direct" hubs allow curators to quick and easily accept and process playlisting requests, you can see an example at at...[…]

Flavors Departing Soon Microsite

This is a recent voting sweepstakes we created for Klarbrunn that allowed consumers to vote for their favorite drink flavors in order to enter for a chance to win a dream vacation around the world. You can enter the sweepstakes at Consumers are able to...[…]

Cardi B 'Money' Radio Request Campaign

This radio campaign for Atlantic Records artist Cardi B is designed to encourage, empower and enable fans to request new singles on Twitter in an attempt to drive both airplay and stream of the track! Fans type in their city and are presented with a list of local stations that they can choose...[…]

AEG Go Green

We recently launched the AEG Go Green microsite as part of Earth Day 2019 to encourage users to conserve more, use less and recycle, plus make them aware of AEG's global conservation efforts. The microsite allowed users to measure their carbon footprint using an interactive calculator, share the...[…]

Why Don't We Radio App

The idea behind this radio request campaign for WBR's Why Don't We is to encourage fans to create awareness around their new track "8 Letters" on Twitter.  The application encourages, empowers and enables fans to request the single in their own town or state and share their request with radio...[…]

Cristian Castro HiFi Audio and Video Download Page

This is an example of music download application used to deliver Hifi digital copies of songs and videos to buyers of vinyl records. When consumers purchase a vinyl they get a code they can use to unlock and download exclusive content (audio, video, i.e.). See can see the application in action at...[…]

Liam Payne Phone Hotline

This is a phone hotline application we created for the release of Liam Payne's most recent EP to allow fans to preview songs daily prior to its release. Fans in the UK and United States were able to call the numbers to hear snippets of the songs (with a new song being revealed each day) prior the EP...[…]