Mayday Parade "Golden Days" Spotify App

We recently launched a unique campaign for BMG group Mayday Parade that allowed fans to nominate a friend to receive a special "Golden Day" package via the mail.  The offer was limited to the first 250 users who connected via Spotify and submitted their friend's information.  The campaign can be...[…]

Monsta X - 'One Day' Streaming App

With the release of Monsta X's new single "One Day", we launched a microsite that encouraged fans to stream the single as many times as possible for "One Day".  The site provided links to all of the popular streaming services and also featured a counter that estimated the total numbers of streams...[…]

TWICE "The Feels" Radio Request

This is one of our many Twitter-based radio request campaigns for Republic artist The Feels. The idea is simple - encourage fans to request your current single on radio via Twitter!  Fans type in their state or city and are presented with a list of local stations that they can choose from and...[…]

"ROCKtober" PrimaryWave Sweepstakes

This Halloween, we launched a Spotify sweepstakes for music label Primary Wave.  The idea was to promote a different rock artist for "14 days of Rocktober". Each day featured a different artist and a different set of prizes.  Users who connected that day would follow both Primary Wave and the...[…]

Devo - 'New Traditionalists' Giveaway

We have a new sweepstakes that just launched for Devo at This sweeps is based on a new platform we recently released that gives users points for performing multiple activations. The platform allows fans to get points by performing tasks that including liking...[…]

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Like 1999

This is a unique campaign we developed based on a creative vision driven by UMG Canada for the Canadian group Valley's new album title "1999".  The idea of the campaign was to "re-imagine" Spotify and streaming a little over twenty years ago in circa 1999.  UMG Canada's vision was to create a...[…]

Evanescence - The Bitter Truth Pre-Save Competition

This campaign for Evanescence is an example of our popular "Presave and Enter to Win" category of activations.  The idea behind these is simple - encourage users to both presave, and then share the presave with friends.  Each user receives a unique link that servers as a "referrer" code and is...[…]

Lindsey Stirling - Lose You Now Dynamic Video

This is a more complex and more elaborate example of our dynamic video activations (you can see other examples of this type of activation here:  This particular dynamic video activation allowed users to upload 3 photos and transform them into a...[…]

The Gray Havens - Presave to Unlock

We have always encouraged artists to use "content gates" to grow their Spotify following and email list.  These "content gates" require fans to connect with the artist on Spotify in order to access exclusive content such as an artwork reveal, new videos, or new music releases.   This particular...[…]

#By40Challenge Campaign

This is the most recent example of the next generation of our LoyaltyPro/Plus platform that allows artists and brands to engage their community of users or fans with this powerful platform.  The platform allows and encourages fans to earn points through a broad range of social media tasks and other...[…]

Valentine's Day Campaigns - Round Up

Here is a quick preview of some of the Valentine's Day applications we have launched in the past to mark this special day, but you can also check out some of our other Valentine's Day resources:[…]

Sam Hunt - Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90

We recently launched a collaborative Spotify playlist campaign for UMG Nashville artist Sam Hunt.  The idea behind the campaign, designed to help promote Sam Hunt's single - "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's",  was to encourage fans to submit their favorite break-up songs to create a...[…]