Evanescence - The Bitter Truth Pre-Save Competition

This campaign for Evanescence is an example of our popular "Presave and Enter to Win" category of activations.  The idea behind these is simple - encourage users to both presave, and then share the presave with friends.  Each user receives a unique link that servers as a "referrer" code and is used to track their sharing activity.  The user who recruited the most presave entries as a result of their sharing activity is declared the winner!  You can find more examples of this type of activation here: http://zip2.it/article-3123

The goal of this campaign for client BMG was to help promote the group Evanescence's latest album - The Bitter Truth.  Fans were instructed to save and then share the link to the campaign.  This specific version had support for Spotify, Apple, and Deezer. Administrators could track the progress of the campaign using an internal scoreboard.

You can check out the contest here

Unique Sharing Links
Each user participating in the campaign is given a unique link that they can use to share with friends.  Each time someone uses that link, they get credit (points) for the referral.


Mobile Versions

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