Musically Sandbox: Filter Tips / Instagram Filters

We were recently featured in the Musically Sandbox issue on Instagram and Tiktok filters. We continue to design and develop a growing number of innovative AR and visual filters for the Instagram and Facebook platforms and appreciate being featured in their pretty comprehensive piece on the...[…]

Lionel Richie Mother's Day E-Card

This is a recent campaign we deployed for client Red Light Management in the UK to promote Mother's Day (March 11, 2018 in the United Kingdom). The idea was to allow fans to create and share Lionel Richie "All the Hits" Mother's Day cards to help celebrate the day (as well as promote the UK-based...[…]

CB30 Valentine's Day Card

This was a recent Valentine's Day campaign for client UMG that allowed CB3O fans to create and share a Valentine's Day message with their loved ones.  You can check out the application at The idea behind the campaign is simple, yet so appealing: fans select...[…]

Lady Antebellum HeartBreak Sweeps

This is a recent "Share and Enter to Win" sweepstakes for UMG Nashville's Lady Antebellum. The idea is simple - encourage fans to share a video, song or link on either Twitter or Facebook (with all their friends) in order to be entered for a chance to win the grand prize.  Our Tweematic sharing...[…]

Metablocks Widgets - Facebook Tab Support

Our Metablocks Widgets now support Facebook page integration. What this means is that your retail link landing page can no live on the web and on Facebook. In fact we have over 5 types of Facebook page formats we support, here are some of them.  These Facebook pages also have "smart links" that...[…]

Resource: Facebook Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Facebook social media image dimensions are tricky and hard to remember. This is a great infographic/cheat sheet we came across that really helps when dealing with photos and photo posts on Facebook.[…]

Application Spotlight: Dreams the Movie DVD Promotion Tab

DVD and Blu-ray discs remain the largest source of movie industry revenue (61% in 2012). This year, research shows that this year movie producers are expected to earn $29.4 billion from TV and home video sales.  Online distribution (through iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, direct, i.e.) is also becoming a...[…]

Natalie Stovall: Sweepstakes Engine on Steroids (Meta-Connect)

A couple of weeks ago, we briefly mentioned our meta-connect platform that is designed to allow clients to authenticate fans via Facebook, Twitter or third party products (like Janrai, Gigya or Checkdin) as part of the process of aggregating user information (such as emails and facebook profiles for...[…]

Introducing Meta-Connects!

Some of our clients have started collecting fan email address via Facebook, Twitter or third party products (like Janrai, Gigya or Checkdin) which provide a "single-sign on (SSO)"  or common authentication framework that can use on more than one campaign.  The idea is sound, if you can get the...[…]

Real-Time Metablocks Application Analytics

Not sure if all of our partners and clients have had a time to check-out Google Analytics new Real-Time stats beta feature. You should definitely check it out because its great! Basically Google Analytics can now provide you with a Real-Time report on traffic going into your application. Because, by...[…]

Application Spotlight: Marketing Movie Soundtracks

What better way to promote a movie soundtrack by working with movie distributor and partners to stream and highlight it on their Facebook pages! That was the idea behind the marketing soundtrack for The Last Ride: The Story of Hank Williams by Curb Records. Different partners have different needs...[…]

Application Spotlight: August Burns Red - Custom Baseball Card

Another basic photo booth applications that involves baseball cards (see NBA example..). Sometimes simplicity is the key to success! This 3 step application allowed users to upload their photos to create a custom baseball card that also promoted their favorite band! Also see: The New Facebook...[…]

Application Spotlight: Neon Trees - Everybody Talks on Facebook

Built on our photo booth application platform, this Facebook application allows Neon Tree fans to upload pictures of themselves (directly or via webcam), and add the icon sunglasses from the band’s Everybody Talks single cover to create and share a cool photo of yourself that supports the band...[…]

Overview: Justin Bieber Mistletoe Facebook Application

Late last year we were asked by Island Def Jam to design and develop a Facebook Photo Booth application to help promote Justin Bieber’s upcoming Mistletoe Album. This unique application, built on our Facebook Photo Booth app allowed fans to (digitally) “kiss” Justin under the...[…]

Facebook Artist Cover Application

The advent of Facebook’s new covers gives fans the opportunity to express themselves by supporting or promoting their favorite music artists.  Our Artist Cover application simply automates the process by making it easy for fans to use “official artist covers”. By allowing...[…]

Badge Marketing 101 - Social Media Music Applications

Awarding fans badges has also become a key component in the "gamification" of the online social media experiences. Social media companies such as Foursquare, GetGlue, and others have popularized badges as a way of rewarding, engaging and motivating users. In the context of online social media...[…]

Create Your Own Remix with the Metablocks Remix Widget

Ideal for music artists with an upcoming remix album or EP or a successfully remixed single. Metablocks' Remix Widget allows fans to create (and share) their own multi-track mashups or re-mixs online using a simple point and click user interface and then share their creations with friends. Available...[…]

New Facebook Page Redesign: Examples and Best Practices

Recently, Facebook rolled once again out a major overhaul of their Pages - introducing Cover images and timelines to Facebook Pages. Here are a series of posts that explore these changes in more detail - the good, the bad and the ugly. You can check out our best practice and examples posts...[…]

Facebook Application Spotlight: Jigsaw and Graphic Puzzles

We recently deployed a series of Jigsaw Puzzle Applications for the CMT Network for 3 of their shows: Sweet Home Alabama, Bayou Billionaire (CMT) and My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT). The puzzle application supports both a basic sliding puzzle and the more complex jigsaw puzzle. Fans can play weekly...[…]