Blue Chair Bay Holiday Promotion

Over the Christmas holidays, we launched the Blue Chair Bay Rum Holiday campaign - a great example of our next generation LoyaltyPro platform.  You can check it out at:

The idea behind the platform is to reward fans for performing a broad range of tasks.   These tasks can include both physical and online/social tasks (sharing, watching videos, i.e.) that users perform to earn points.  These points either convert into entries in sweepstakes (as in this case) or in other campaigns, these points can be redeemed for real-world (and virtual) products (see Wispak Crave the Color campaign).

The platform provides great flexibility in the types of tasks supported and comes with very robust fraud detection/prevention functionality and a very comprehensive administrative backend.

The home page below has a comprehensive list of tasks (actions) that users are able to perform for points.

Mobile version

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