Kari Jobe - #THEBLESSING Content Wall

Kari Jobe's #TheBlessing campaign is one of our many user-generated content wall activations.  The idea is to allow users to post their photos and personal stories or comment on a "wall", where other users can easily interact with the content.  You can check out the campaign at http://blessedbytheblessing.com/

We have done many similar campaigns in the past and these tend to work well with songs and artists than connect emotionally with fans.  You can find out about similar activations on our content wall list: http://news.metablocks.com/lists/40-1253434556

Submission: As part of the submission process, users are asked to provide their contact information and their story.

Users are able to submit a story and optionally upload their photo (Note: photos can be made required or optional items).

Sharing: Once a user has made a submission, they are given the option to share it (as a graphic or text) on social media and email.

Mobile Support
Here is what the campaign looks like on a mobile device. All of our campaigns are responsive and support a broad range of mobile devices.

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