#1: Presave to Spotify Campaigns

Presave to Spotify campaigns are our most popular recent application category. Driven by the availability of our Presave Platform, and the flexibility and resources it provides, we continue to power a growing number of presave campaigns. Here are some recent examples:


Highasakite Pre-Save for Spotify: Single - 5 Million Miles

This was a Pre-save campaign for Norwegian band Highasakite and their new single "5 Million Miles". The campaign is located at http://presave.tweematic.com/highasakite-spotify. Our Spotify Pre-save platform has traditionally powered album and EP Pre-save to Spotify campaigns but Single Pre-save campaigns are definitely on the rise. More about this campaign here.

Coin Presave for Spotify: "How Will You Know If You Never Try"

We recently launched a Presave to Spotify Campaign for COIN's upcoming album "How Will You Know If You Never Try" at http://presave.columbiarecords.com/coin/. More about this campaign here and here.

Russ Pre-Save for Spotify

This is a recent Presave to Spotify campaign for Sony Music artist Russ built on our Pre-save platform. Fans are able to connect on Spotify, follow the artist and pre-save the upcoming album on Spotify once it is available. See more about it here.

Nothing But Thieves Pre-Save for Spotify

This is another Presave Campaign for Client Sony Music Entertainment, this one for RCA UK artists Nothing But Thieves. You can participate in the Presave to Spotify application at http://presave.rca-records.co.uk/nbt/
This particular presave application asks fans to connect and follow the artist (and their official playlist) in order to pre-save upcoming music from Nothing But Thieves. You can find out more here.

Sarah Reeves Pre-Save to and Save to Spotify

This is an interesting campaign we did for Word label artist Sarah Reeves because it represents both a power trend and the power of our pre-save platform. Prior to the release of her new single "Nowhere" we powered a Presave to Spotify campaign for Sara Reeves. After the release, we simply turned the switch and turned the "Presave" into a "Save" campaign. See more about it here.

Vandoliers Pre-Save for Spotify

This is an example of another Presave to Spotify campaign for the Vandoliers upcoming album "The Native". This pre-save uses one of our standard (demedium) templates on our Pre-save Platform but also adds sweepstakes support to improve the overall efficiency of the campaign. We are big fans of giving users an incentive to pre-save an album, EP or single. Click here for more info on this campaign.

Lee Brice Pre-save to Spotify

This Pre-save to Spotify campaign is for Curb artist Lee Brice's upcoming single "Boy". We continue to drive a growing number of single pre-save campaigns (versus album or EP campaigns). This is another good demonstration on how quickly and widely pre-save functionality is being using by music labels to promote all types of projects. See more on this campaign here.

alt-J Pre-Save for Spotify

This is another great example of a Pre-save to Spotify campaign on our Pre-Save Platform, the latest addition to our growing inventory of Spotify applications. Click here to see more about it.

Lea Michele Pre-save to Spotify

This is a recent Pre-save to Spotify Campaign for Columbia Records artist Lea Michele. Our versatile and flexible Pre-Save to Spotify platform provides record labels with a broad range of pre-save options and approaches. See more about this particular campaign here.

Cheat Codes Pre-Save for Spotify

Presave to Spotify campaigns allows users to connect on Spotify in order to follow an artist and "pre-save" their upcoming album or single on Spotify. What this means is that once the single is available for streaming, it will automatically get added to both their Spotify library plus a Spotify playlist. While most pre-save campaigns focus on albums, this rather successful campaign was used to help launch a new single from 300 Entertainment's Cheat Codes. See more about it here.

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