Elvie Shane - #MyBoy

This is one of two dynamic video activations for client BMG, both of which are great examples of how to create user generated videos that fans can share on social media (see Tyler Farr).
You can try out the app at http://www.tweematic.com/myboy/. The dynamic video application allows users to upload one to five user photos and transform them into a video slide show that they can save or share via social media.  We have launched several of these in the past (see list), but these two examples have improved mobile and sharing support and are worth checking out.

Users are able to upload up to five different photos that they would like transformed into a video.

Once the video is generated, users are able to play or preview the video and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email.  Users are also able to download a copy of the video to their device.

Mobile Support

All of our projects are responsive and optimized to work on a range of popular mobile devices including iPhone and Android devices.

Example Video

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