Lee Brice Sweepstakes

This is a relatively simple sweepstakes campaign for Curb Records artist Lee Brice.  Design to take advantage of a marketing opportunity with the NFL, this campaign allowed fans to enter by submitting their contact information and be entered for a chance to win one of 30 autographed CDs.  You can enter the sweepstakes at http://www.tweematic.com/leebrice/

Sweepstakes Entry
Our sweepstakes engine makes it easy for users to enter contests and sweepstakes.  This tried, true and tested engine is fully responsive and flexible enough to support a broad range of data entry requirements.

Sharing Encouraged
As with most of our other application, we always encourage users to share their entry on social media.

Mobile Version
This campaign had complete support for Mobile Devices. In fact, all of our campaigns are responsive and support a broad range of mobile devices.

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