Application Spotlight: Melissa Etheridge This is M.E. Mosaic

Mosaics come in all shapes and sizes for Melissa Etheridge. Robert Dippold, Melissa Berlin and the team at Primary Wave came up with the brilliant idea of crowd sourcing fan photos to create the cover for Melissa Etheridge's upcoming album cover using our mosaic technology.  The idea behind the concept is a great one: How do you get thousands of fans to to purchase physical copies of an artist album and celebrate fan engagement at the same time? Put their face on it! Additionally, we used the same technology behind our Venue Tag product to create a interactive splash page that allows fans to view and zoom in on the mosaic, tag themselves and share it on Facebook or Twitter. The idea behind this is to promote pre-orders around the album and to allow fans to find and tag themselves.  A poster version of the mosaic is also included in the pre-order package.

Our Mosaic meets Venue Tag solution allows fans to easily tag themselves by zooming in and finding their photos. Tags can be shown or hidden, and fans can also take snapshots from the mosaic to share on Facebook or Twitter. You can check it on Melissa Etheridge's home page or

Fans are shown the mosaic and the tags, and can tag themselves, share, or navigate the mosaic


Features and Functionality
Although this particular mosaic implementation uses a smaller set of features available in our Venue Tag product, it has support for showing and hiding tags, creating and delete tags, navigation (zoom in and out), optimized mobile support, registration via Facebook and Twitter (Instagram, Google, email are also supported), saving and sharing snap shots, saving and sharing tag, fan lists and directories (not enabled in this version), support for multiple events or mosaics and more.


Sharing on Social Media
Our solutions are designed to create social media marketing buzz.  Fans can share their tags on Facebook or Twitter or take share snap shots from the Mosaic.


Large Format Mosaic Posters
Additionally, the large size of the generated mosaic allows artists to create large format posters.  These can be included as part of a pre-order package (as in this case), used for prizes or even as merch.  To find out more about large format mosaic posters visit:

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