Promo Pages and Radio Vaults, Custom and Otherwise

Many times record labels need single-page microsites (promo pages) for use by the radio or marketing team to promote a new artist album.  We have a number of applications/platforms for churning these out in a couple of hours or days. Here are some examples of single-page promo page templates we have published. General features for these types of applications include:

  • Secure login (password or username/password)
  • album focus, artist focus or video focus
  • tracking and analytics
  • ability to import news and social media channels (Radio Vault)
  • support for secure music tracks and/or downloads (Album Promo Page)
  • secure/protected audio and video hosting
  • quick turnarounds (less than 1 day)
  • cost effective

The Radio Vault
This is the template known internally as the “Radio Vault” that provides a comprehensive picture of an artist. This includes their bio, list of tracks, album credits, artist news and social media channels, a secure player, videos and a mini-photo gallery.


See more examples…

Album Promo Page
These pages run of our “Promo” application and are super fast to generate. We can turn these out in a couple of hour after receive a request.


Video for Radio Pages
This simple page video promo site is a great way for your radio team to get the word out about a new video or single.




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