More Photo Booth Applications: Overview

We launched several new photo booth applications in the last 2 weeks. Here is a quick round up!

Miranda Lambert: Fastest Girl in Town
This is a unique version of the photo booth application that also support our network-distribution (or “radio” co-brand) feature. Basically the application lives on a number of different radio and partner sites, and automatically branded for that site. Check it out here:, and


Jon Pari #Pardianimal Sweepstakes
A less complex (only photo upload) version of the photo booth application, but with a fully functioning gallery.

Send a Postcard from Redneck Island
Pick a postcard, put your self in it, share away! This application also features a unique template used to post to the Facebook Wall (See below).




TSO Christmas Memories
Share your favorite memories on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Another straight forward implementation of the photo booth application on Facebook.



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