Metablocks Spotify Pre-Save Playlist

Spotify playlist with tracks from some of our Pre-Save to Spotify Campaigns.

We recently updated our Pre-Save to Spotify Microsite at with a glossary of terms. Here are some of them.

Pre-Save to Spotify

Pre-save for Spotify is functionality that allows your fans to connect on Spotify and have an upcoming album, EP or single automatically added to their Spotify library and a playlist of their choosing on the day it is released.

Spotify Web APIs

Spotify’s Web API lets third party applications fetch data from the Spotify music catalog and manage users’ playlists and saved music. The Spotify API is based on simple REST principles, and the Spotify Web API endpoints return metadata in JSON format about artists, albums, and tracks directly from the Spotify catalogue. The API also provides access to user-related data such as playlists and music saved in a ‘Your Music’ library, subject to user’s authorization. Pre-Save for Spotify applications leverage this API when getting permission from users to save an upcoming album or single release. Pre-save applications also use the Spotify API to follow the artist and add music to a user’s Spotify account.

Visit the Pre-Save to Spotify Campaign Glossary of Terms…