Natalie Stovall: Sweepstakes Engine on Steroids (Meta-Connect)

A couple of weeks ago, we briefly mentioned our meta-connect platform that is designed to allow clients to authenticate fans via Facebook, Twitter or third party products (like Janrai, Gigya or Checkdin) as part of the process of aggregating user information (such as emails and facebook profiles for sending notifications).

Our multi-step promotional engine used in the Natalie Stovall and the Drive sweepstakes promotion demonstrates how this approach can be used to create a significant amount of “social media noise” when used on top of meta-connect.

The idea is to give fans entries (or points) for each social media activation or action they perform. Actions can range from Liking a page, to sharing a message (on Facebook or Twitter), to following an artist on Twitter or Instagram, to having fans change their Twitter avatars, to having fans preview a song (iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud) or watch a video (YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo) all in order to get additional entries (points). You can check it out at:

Activation Screen: Allows fans to earn points by performing a broad range of tasks


Entry Screen: Fans are able to enter by connecting through Facebook or Twitter, or by simply using their email address (third party social network single sign-on engines such as Janrain and Gigya are also supported)


Task: Accepting Rules –  this is an example of using ‘easy’ tasks to get fans involved in the process.  You can have other tasks like requiring fans to read/like a post or other pieces of content.

N3 copy

Task: Liking a Page –  you can have fans ‘Like’ one or more Facebook pages in order to collect additional entries/points.

N4 copy

Task: Sharing on Twitter –  requires fans to share a message on Twitter in order to get entries/points (uses their existing Twitter login information or asks them to add Twitter to their profile). Fans can be automatically required to follow the artist as part of this process.

N5 copy

Task: Sharing on Facebook –  fans are asked to share a message on Facebook.

N6 copy

Task: Referring a Friend –  Fans can refer an friend by providing their friend’s email address to get extra entries/points.

N8 copy

Task: Signing Up for Emails –  simple task that involves fans sharing their emails. If fans connected using Facebook, their Facebook email is collected and used in this task.

N9 copy

Task: Changing Your Twitter Avatar –  another easy but effective tasks users can peform.

N10 copy

Task: Previewing Music –  you can ask fans to listen to a song on iTunes, Soundcloud or Spotify. We track their clicks so in the don’t interact with the sound widget, they don’t get their points!

N11 copy

Task: Pin a Photo –  Pinterest is one of the supported activations in this product.

N12 copy

Task: Following on Instagram –  Fans can follow the artist on Instagram using our seemless integration in order to rack up extra entries.


Task: Watching a Video –  you can require fans to watch a video (Vimeo, YouTube, Vevo) in order to complete a tasks.


Other Tasks:
The Natalie Stovall promotion provides a short lists of tasks available through our meta-connect platform. Many other regular and custom tasks are supporting including:

  • Checking in Foursquare or Facebook
  • Uploaded video or photo content
  • Read or liking an article or post
  • Calling a phone number and leaving a message
  • Playing a game
  • Taking a quiz or answer questions
  • Voting on photos or other media

Allow us to fully customize and super-charge your next sweeps promotion to take advantage of our meta-connect platform. Contact us here.

What Next?
The beautify of meta-connect is that it allows you to collect and aggregate fan information to create a complete 360 picture of the user. Because the platform allows users to opt-in to receive email updates and can be used to automatically message them on Facebook using notifications, this becomes a powerful and reusable marketing tool!  The platform also permissions users ONCE so they don’t have to be permission again, and because by default it users our Metablocks Tweematic single-sign on (SSO), chances are your fans are ALREADY permissioned from a previous Metablocks or Tweematic campaign –  this significantly reduced fan’s barrier to entry and creates a friction-free entry process! We’ll keep you posted on other exciting campaigns coming out on meta-connect!

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