Instagram AR Filters II

A growing number of music labels and artists are using Instagram Augmented Reality (AR) filters as part of the promotional campaigns.  Instagram AR filters have the ability to superimpose computer-generated, 3D or video effects on top of real-world images. Originally a response to Snapchat's Lenses, these face filters were created and controlled by Instagram, who recently opened them up to allow brands, artists and creators to create and share their own original AR filters.  Music labels and artist have been quick to take advantage of this new technology to promote upcoming releases.

For example, Sony Music's launched a Instagram AR filter inspired by Wham!'s Last Christmas to bring George Michael's music to a younger generation on Spotify during the Christmas holidays.  Astralwerks Records also launched an Instagram filter to help EDM fans find out what EDM genre they are.  In February, Justin Bieber announced the tracklist for his forthcoming new solo album 'Changes' through an interactive filter on Instagram. Spotify also recently launched a branded Instagram AR filter to promote rapper Headie One's new album.  A growing number of artist have launched their own innovate Instagram filter campaigns as well.

Here are some Instagram filters from both labels and artists you can try out from your mobile phone:

Spotify: Bieber - Changes

Ale Aguirre: Soy Un Robot

Spotify: HeadieOne


Astralwerks Records: Which Genre Are You?

Wham!'s Last Christmas

Endorphin Experience



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