Application Spotlight: Pepsi + Hunter Hayes + CMT

This week we launched a multi-month promotional campaign on Facebook (and mobile) for Pepsi’s and CMT’s LIVE FOR NOW partnership centered around country music artist Hunter Hayes and the CMT Music Awards.  The campaign will span multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, i.e.) and drive fan engagement.

Hang with Hunter “Casting Call”
We do a lot of interesting promotions and this is one of them! If you look at rules behind this campaign, you will it notice that technically it is NOT a sweepstakes but a casting call. By design, a set of “judges” pick the winner based on a set of criteria. Because the selection process has to happen very quickly (1 day), we collect both emails and phone numbers, and the selection window (1 days) is clearly spelled out in the rules.


User Generated Content:
Fans have to submit a post explaining why they are Hunter Hayes’ biggest fan, these posts appear in the gallery but are optionally posted to the user’s Facebook wall or made available on (Pepsi Pulse) via a custom feed.


Mobile Support:
The campaign uses a smart url that determines if the user is access the application from a mobile device and routes them to the correct version.


High level features and functionality include:

  • Both Facebook and mobile support
  • User generated content
  • Sharing and posting support
  • Posting to Facebook wall and
  • Content gallery (multi-page)
  • Integrated video
  • Custom tracking