Application Spotlight: August Burns Red Subscribe to Download Widget

We build a lot of complicated application but we also build some simple ones that simply work well and are cost effective. A good example of this is the “Subscribe To Download” widget we built for BEC Recording artist August Burns Red (check it out at  The widget (which is embedded on the band’s merch site) allows fans to download a sampler (handpicked by the band) in exchanged for subscribing to a newsletter. Also embedded in the widget is a SoundCloud player. What really nice about the widget is that is uses BEC’s own Amazon S3 account to securely deliver the download. Our download API’s integrated directly with their Amazon S3 –  this means they don’t have to pay us any extra for the bandwidth associated with the promotion (78MB x 10–20K fans quickly adds up), at the same time they benefit from having a secure download they control and download stats/reporting via Amazon S3.