Application Spotlight: 25 Days of BS

We just deployed a most excellent Christmas application for our friends at Warner Music Nashville. You can check it out here at: Designed to celebrate 25 days of country music star Blake Shelton and promote his new Christmas album. The application features new and exclusive content that is unlocked daily for 25 days. Here are some high level features of this promotional campaign:

  • The application has a nice balance –  on some days users have to share a message on Facebook or Twitter to unlock content for that day, on other days it does.
  • The application supports a broad range of exclusive content including videos, photos, images (wallpaper, templates, i.e.), ring tones, sweepstakes/giveaways and other interactive elements
  • We tried to to make the campaign as fun and rich-media oriented (all the way down to the falling snow flakes) but kept it fully HTML5 compatible so it would work well on mobile devices.

Initial Screen: Users are greeted with a Christmas tree whose ornaments are unlocked each day for 25 days. They can also interactive with “merch hotspots” that link out to Blake’s store.  A small handful of Easter eggs are embedded in the application. The microsite also serves as a splash page that users to Blake’s website are redirect to.


Share to Unlock: On most days users have to share a message to unlock content for that day. Once they unlock the first piece of content, they can access previous days content WITHOUT repeating the process.


Exclusive Video Content and More: The application features a broad range of exclusive content including videos, photos, images and ringtones.


Embedded Mini-Applications: Exclusive content is delivered as an embedded micro-application. This allows us to switch in rich and interactive components such as games, download modules, sweepstakes components and much more. Here are some examples:

Ringtone and Calltone Downloads


Social Image and Desktop Wallpaper Downloads


Sweepstakes and Merch Giveaways