Album Cover Reveals

Those familiar with Facebook know that using exclusive content, such as album cover, photos, videos and song/album premieres in conjunction with a “Like-Gate” are a great way to systematically grow your Facebook fan base over time.  And exclusive content doesn’t have to be hard to find – every new album has an album cover, right! In fact, album cover reveals are an easy and effective place to start!

We have talked about album cover reveals on some of our other platforms in the past, including Tweematic and Mosaic-based album cover reveals. This post, however, looks specifically at Like-gated album cover reveals on Facebook!


Cover reveal applications, by their very nature, are not overly complex, but our Facebook application comes with a number of nifty options and features:

  • Like-gate (with our “proprietary” click-to-like function)
  • Comprehensive sharing (on Facebook, Twitter and optionally on other social networks)
  • Zoom in and out (ability to zoom in on album cover details)
  • Multi-page flipbook (this feature allow you to share the ENTIRE album cover with multiple pages)
  • Option: Ability to get album cover digitally signed by artist and then publish it to your Facebook photo album