Klarbrunn Vita Ice – Crave the Color Summer Giveaway

This is a recent campaign we launched for Klarbrunn Vita ICE, which is very similar to another Vita-Ice campaign we did last year featuring Jake Owen.  This type of sweepstakes falls in our “Golden Ticket” category and allows fans to enter unique codes found on specially marked Klarbrunn Vita ICE bottles for a chance to win weekly prize, plus a grand prize. Metablocks generated over 6.25 million unique codes that printed on Vice ICE bottle caps. Customers who purchase certain Vite ICE products are able to use their unique code to enter the sweepstakes at: http://www.cravethecolor.com/

This is very similar to another recent campaign we launched for Sony Nashville Music artist Brad Paisley and Hostess that allows to unlock an exclusive Spotify Playlist and enter for a chance to win a grand price when the purchase certain Hostess products.

Fans are able to enter the sweepstakes using their unique serial code.


Mobile version
As always, all of our campaigns are optimized for mobile devices!

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