Girlfriends by Boysworld Save Competition

This is a unique "referrer" Presave to Spotify activation for Boys World that encourages and rewards fans for sharing! Check it out at:

This activation, which is built on our robust Spotify presave and sweepstakes platform, leverages our short link engine and other components of our technology stack that allows us to keep track of "referrals" to any of our campaigns.  This allows artists and labels to create competitions that reward the fans who share the most and recruit the most new users.

In order to participate, users are asked to start by simply presaving the new album or single.


Each participant is given a unique URL that they are encouraged to share with friends on social media.  Each time someone uses that unique URL to enter the presave, the participant who shared it gets a point.  The user with the most points wins!

Mobile version
The campaign is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

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