Pre-Save for Spotify: API, Options and Overview

Recent news and updates on Spotify Pre-saves.

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Pre-Save On Spotify: Overview

Pre-save for Spotify functionality builds on the capabilities of the Spotify API and takes innovation to another level, essentially inventing a new feature on Spotify that allows users to Pre-save an artist albums or singles. Many see this as one of the most useful marketing tool that has emerged in the streaming industry. In an effort to eradicate music-marketing problem associated with streaming, pre-save functionality now allows your fans to get new music when it becomes available and get notified when new releases come out.

Pre-Save For Spotify: Options

The creation of Pr?-S?v? functionality now ?ll?ws fans t? ?ng?g? with your album from the m?m?nt is announced, ?n?uring that th?? don't mi?? it upon r?l????. Even before you releases your album, your fans can visit your site or socials and see that you have a record coming out in few months' time. Pre-save to Spotify allows them to save it to their collections and playlists beforehand. When a user make use of the Pre-save feature, ??u giv? th?m th? ?????? t? th? f?ll?wing types of activations:
- Follow the artist and the label
- Add the album or tracks to their Spotify Library
- Get information about the users including their email and birthday
- Create a playlist on Spotify and add the album to it
- Follow an existing Spotify playlist created by the artist
When ??u click ?n pre-save ??u are redirected t? connect Spotify.  Users then give the Spotify API permission sot pre-save the album in the future. Users can also choose to g?t n?tifi?d wh?n th? tracks/album are ?dd?d t? ??ur ?l??li?t.

Pre-Save Platform from Metablocks / Growing Spotify Streams and Followers

Over the past year, several labels have made it clear that getting fans to add an album or track to their collections and playlists is a vital driver of long-term streams. The ability to pre-save has been welcomed by labels, managers and artist because it gives them the ability to take advantage of this feature.The first pre-save campaign was for Semper F?min?, a n?w album b? L?ur? M?rling, that was set to be on release M?r?h 10, 2017 ?n L?ur?'? ?wn l?b?l M?r? Al?rming Records. It w?? recorded in LA in late 2015, ?nd ?r?du??d alongside U.S. musician/producer, Bl?k? Mill? (Alabama Shakes, Jim J?m??). S?m??r F?min? i? L?ur?'? ?ixth studio ?lbum in a little ?v?r nin? ???r?.  The second pre-save campaign was deployed for Yo Gotti's White Friday album by Metablocks, Inc.


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