Application Spotlight: Riser Bird Game

You might remember that we've discussed app games in the past. This week we launched a clone of the ever-so-popular "Floppy Bird" game for Capitol artist Dierks Bentley.

The idea is simple. Fans are encouraged to play "Riser Bird" and share their score for a chance to win a flyaway to see Dierks in rehersal. The game (written in HTML5) works both on browsers and mobile devices.  We added music from Dierks' new album as the background track, which encourages fans to play longer to hear the songs; and we also added a BUY ALBUM button directly inside the game!

You can check it out at:


Sharing Your  Score:
After fans finish playing the game (see video below), they can choose to share their high score on Facebook or Twitter,  and easily opt into the sweepstakes and Dierks' email list.


Video Demo

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