Music Labels Using Pinterest: Overview

This post is part of our 5 part series titled: Pinterest For Music Marketing

Pinterest has nearly five million users and is growing rapidly. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the site. That’s enough to make anyone care, including music labels. Many labels have already started using Pinterest. As one of our clients at UMG put it “Right now it’s about having a presence and hoping that it helps with referrals”. A marketing executive at Big Machine, one of the music labels already putting their Pinterest account to good use, has found that visual representation of artists including album artwork and lyrics or quotes can easily be shared and pinned. The label has already started using Pinterest to share quotes, album coversawards and events photos (most of which brilliantly link back to iTunes). A number of labels have embraced Pinterest by creating themed Pinterest boards to promote their artists (Dress Like a Rock Star, Born This Way, Inked, i.e.) and individual artists boards. Others are encouraging their artists to use the site. Some labels like Sony and EMI have gone on an international land grab, creating Pinterest accounts for even the most obscure geographic markets, while others are playing wait and see.  Still, most labels are trying to figure Pinterest out and understand its effectiveness.  Music labels we spoke with that are not yet on Pinterest have it on their to-do list or are pursuing Pinterest opportunities on an artist by artist basis.

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