New Year – 3 New Platforms

We have been busy in the New Year, and we have 3 platforms we’ve launched so far this year, aimed at speeding up the deployment of popular web campaigns (from days to hours), lowering overall cost and providing superior features and functionality! These include:

Metablocks Music Widget
Next generation retail link pages on steroids!  Currently in beta, which means you get to use them for free, so contact us for a demo or signup. More Info…

Pre-Save for All
We have streamlined our Pre-Save platform to add support for Deezer, plus a dozen popular pre-built templates to allow Big 3 label and Indie partner to launch pre-save campaigns or BOTH albums and singles in hours, not days. More Info…

Playlist Portal
The Big 3 labels have Topsify, Flitr and Digster – but now we have white-label solution (that’s better) for ROW (rest of world).  What a demo? Let us know!