Deezer Applications and API

The functionality provided by our Deezer applications is pretty much on par with our Spotify offerings. Users can do the following on any one of our Deezer applications:

  • Connect with Deezer
    We able to collect their name, email, birthday (if available), thumbnail, location, language and other information (such as genre, age, i.e.)
  • Add an Artist
    Similar to following an artist on Spotify, you can add an artist to a user’s favorites
  • Create Playlist
    You can create a playlist (in the user’s library) and add tracks to it
  • Add Playlist
    You can add a playlist to a user’s library
  • Add Album
    You can add an album to a user’s library
  • Add Track
    You can add one or more tracks to a user’s favorites
  • Follow User
    You can follow a user (such as a music label or user profile)
  • Pre-Save Albums and Tracks
    As is the case with our Spotify applications, it is possible to pre-save albums or tracks so they are available once they are released

What Types of Applications are Available?
Because of the plug-n-play nature of our platform, Deezer functionality can be substituted for Spotify in any of our applications.

Activations incude:

  • Sweepstakes and Contest application: Connect to enter, Stream to enter (See examples)
  • Crowdsourced (Flock to Unlock) reveal applications: Connect to unlock, stream to unlock (See examples)
  • Exclusive content reveal applications: Connect to unlock (See examples)
  • Collaborative playlist generators: See examples
  • Pre-Save Campaigns: See examples
  • Custom playlist generators: See examples