Vine: Looking for a Few Good Projects


Vine is a video sharing app, a combination of photo and video sharing with sounds. Basically, you can think of Vine as Instagram meets Youtube with a dash of Twitter.  Recently launched by Twitter, and the new social media channel is becoming extremely popular, which means it should become a part of your social media plan.

Music artists have already began to use the social media channel as both Mashable (35 Ways Musicians and Music Brands Are Using Twitter’s Vine App) and HypeBot (Top 10 Ways Musicians Are Using Vine) document in their recent posts.

At Metablocks, we have always tried to stay ahead of the curve. In the past we have launched marketing solutions for new social networks that include Pinterest and Instagram, that’s why we’re in the process of building out our Vine social marketing suite of music apps, and need your ideas and input. If you Vine application or idea you’d like to deploy, let us know!

Here are some of the more creative uses that have social marketing potential

Here are some inline Vine examples:


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