Spotlight: Mars Hill Free Chords Download Application

We are often asked to design and develop music download application on Facebook (like our recent Covergirl/NERVO download app), but this application is unique in three different ways.

  • It delivers free music chords in PDF format. Music is not the only exclusive content download available to music labels. Depending on who your fans are, music labels need to be flexible and creative when creating digital incentives for fans. In addition to music, you can offer videos, chords and other digital assets to your fans.
  • “Like-gates” are popular but they are not the only way to extract value from Facebook fans. Consider subscribe-gates (as in this example), share-gates and other types of value-added gating. Some of our most successful applications have featured multiple gating mechanisms to create critical mass more quickly (see album cover reveal app).
  • Email deliver is another option to consider when designing application that deliver exclusive content. This particular application asks fans for an email address and sends the music chords to that address as a way of verifying it.