Logic on Shazam

This is a recent promotion that encourages fans to Shazam Logic’s single 1-800-273-8255 for a chance to win tickets to his concert. You can get more information on the Shazam sweeptakes app at http://www.metablocks.com/2017/07/logic-shazam-sweeps/.  The goal was to help trend the song on Shazam and this post focus on some of the results and also makes a quick comparison the song’s position on Spotify to demonstrate the how the Shazam statistics stand out from other platforms.  A week after the launch of the campaign, the song: 800-273-8255, quickly moved up the trending charts (see below). Today (Aug 1, 2017), the song is actually #6 on the Hip Hop charts thanks to the success of the ongoing Shazam campaign.  You can find out more out other Shazam campaigns here: http://news.metablocks.com/lists/420-4593613421

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