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Staring your Own Mix Competition!

The brilliant marketing minds at EMI CMG took our Facebook Remix Application and by creating a contest component, added more virality to our application. Always love when our clients come up with brilliant marketing ideas that perhaps we didn’t think of. Our Remix App supports and generates unique short URLs (, i.e.) for each remix, which makes contests like this possible!


In addition to their marketing efforts on Facebook, the team also took their message to Twitter, promoting both the contest and winners via @TheRealTobyMac


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  • Last year we helped launched a great campaign for Island Def Jam artist Jennifer Lopez to help promote her new album LOVE? The ideas was simple: Fans could unlock new singles from the album early on iTunes by “Liking” them. We used an innovative “JLOVE? Meter” to measure the number of likes as part of this “Like It To Unlock It” campaign.

    The Facebook page we designed had a number of unique campaign components that all worked together to spread the word. These included:

    • “Like It To Unlock It” Module: Each week for 3 weeks fans were able to watch a YouTube video of a new JLO single, and like it, in order to help unlock it on iTunes.
    • “Share and Enter to Win” Module: Fans were able to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the finale of American Idol in return for sharing information about the promotion.
    • “Unique Link Sharing” Engine: Fans were able to generate and share a unique link to the promotion. Each “share” counted towards an entry in the sweepstakes. Fans were able to keep track of how many people clicked on their shared links and a console allow them to share their link via email, social networks, and even text messaging.
    • Discussions: Allowed fans to post comments. These comments were also posted on their newsfeeds and linked back to the promotion.


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    No doubt, by now, you have all heard about Pinterest, the hot new pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections.  Pinterest is still new and brands, including music labels, are still figuring out how to make the best marketing use of it. In the 1st post in our 5–part Pinterest for Music Marketing series we took a look at a list of music labels already active on Pinterest. This 2nd post examines in more detail how some of these music labels are using Pinterest, in hopes of sharing examples and best practices with others in the industry. Here is a run down (by category) of Pinterest usage examples and best practices when it comes to music marketing:

    Best Practices

    • Go for the low-hanging fruit: Album covers, photos, artwork. When posting include item description, release dates and don’t forget a link to buy it (you can also link images directly to iTunes, a great way to drive sales)
    • Generate lyric graphics
      • Easy way to turn music into pictures. Pinterest equivalent of lyrics videos on Youtube
    • Signup all your artists
      • One VP of marketing smartly asked his marketing folks to signup all their artist. Great idea since having a presence and avoiding “land grab” problems such as name swquatting helps.
    • Focus on the best fit
      • If you can’t (or simply don’t want to) sign up all your artist – then proceed artist by artist and focus only on artists that have a good fit with Pinterest.
    • Go International
    • Build relationships
      • A number of labels are pursuing strategic relationships with Pinterest to better promote their artists
    • Consider creating boards for artists, themes, and genres
    • Please don’t follow too many fans
      • A carry over from Twitter: Follow me and I’ll follow you, just don’t do it!
    • Please follow your artists and your sister (or mother) labels
      • Help fans find more
    • Obviously, get the basics right.  Create an account, upload a decent logo, enter your profile info, connect your account to Twitter and Facebook, create some boards (and put something in them!), tag artist when posting
    • Add Pinterest sharing capabilities to your social media apps (we do that on as many applications that make sense, and some that don’t)
    • Engage with fans, see who is pinning your stuff (, i.e)

    See Entire 5 Part Pinterest For Music Marketing Series…


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    This post is part of our 5 part series titled: Pinterest For Music Marketing

    Pinterest has nearly five million users and is growing rapidly. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the site. That’s enough to make anyone care, including music labels. Many labels have already started using Pinterest. As one of our clients at UMG put it “Right now it’s about having a presence and hoping that it helps with referrals”. A marketing executive at Big Machine, one of the music labels already putting their Pinterest account to good use, has found that visual representation of artists including album artwork and lyrics or quotes can easily be shared and pinned. The label has already started using Pinterest to share quotes, album coversawards and events photos (most of which brilliantly link back to iTunes). A number of labels have embraced Pinterest by creating themed Pinterest boards to promote their artists (Dress Like a Rock Star, Born This Way, Inked, i.e.) and individual artists boards. Others are encouraging their artists to use the site. Some labels like Sony and EMI have gone on an international land grab, creating Pinterest accounts for even the most obscure geographic markets, while others are playing wait and see.  Still, most labels are trying to figure Pinterest out and understand its effectiveness.  Music labels we spoke with that are not yet on Pinterest have it on their to-do list or are pursuing Pinterest opportunities on an artist by artist basis.

    There is a list of music labels using Pinterest to market their artists and their music. Be sure to check out “How Music Labels are Using Pinterest“ – the 2nd post in our 5–part “Pinterest for Music Marketing” series. Be sure to signup for our newsletter if you haven’t already done so.

    Music Labels Using Pinterest:





    See Examples of  How Music Labels are Using Pinterest…

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  • Another basic photo booth applications that involves baseball cards (see NBA example..). Sometimes simplicity is the key to success! This 3 step application allowed users to upload their photos to create a custom baseball card that also promoted their favorite band!


    Also see:

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  • It’s official, as of March 30th all Facebook pages have switched to the new timeline/cover format.  Most music labels (and artists) have had time to spruce up their new Facebook pages (last week we looked at examples of  music label cover pages).  If you are still looking for ideas, or are wondering what is out there, here is sample of 101 artist cover pages. Vote for ones you like and we’ll share the results in future post!

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