Blidget Pro Nice but Very Limited

I had a chance to play with WidgetBox’s Blidget Pro. I liked the concept (and wizard builder) but found results a bit constrained.  I quickly upgrade to Pro just to check it out. The Pro promised additional tabs (a not so impressive total of 7 tabs) and the ability to create custom themes. The tabs provided the ability to pull content from Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Hulu, Blog/Feed RSS and Custom (HTML text) with a decent handful of settings. Here is my creation:

The ability to brand the widget seemed limited and a couple of more tabs would have been nice. Given its price point and feature set, it is obvious that Blidget Pro competes with the Sprout Builder for the low-end of the market, which makes sense. Widgets are becoming a “mass market” phenomena and more and more small business/individuals/prosumers are looking for quick and easy DIY (Do it Yourself) solutions. I am guessing a couple more of the widget builders (iWidget, SpringWidgets, i.e.) will go this route.

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